In this article, we have collected the most important things that will help you build your own online store according to the most current and successful practices in the field of eCommerce. The individual sub-sections contain links to other help articles to convince you how easy it is to work with the platform. 

In this section: 

Creating and organizing a product catalog

  1. Import (given an available database) 

  2. Warehouse programs (if any)

    • Database synchronization from warehouse programs - contact our team
  3. Categories 

  4. Brands

    • Creation and description of brands (vendors) 
  5. Products

  6. Product options 

    • An additional variant that you can create for a specific product, category or brand. Through it, the customer will have the ability to add a file, text or select an option set by you. 
  7. Smart collections 

    • The easiest way to unite different products into one group

Pages in the online store

(Create in the Marketing section >> Landing pages)

Online store design

(Manage from the My Store section >> Themes, Widgets and Navigation) 

Activating payment methods

(Manage in the Settings section >> Payments)

Activating shipping methods

(Manage in the Settings section >> Shipping)

General settings

(Manage in the Settings section >> General, Cart and checkout, Domains, Taxes)

Marketing tools

(Manage in the Marketing section)

Activating apps

(Activate in the Apps section)

  1. Mandatory  

  2. Recommended apps 

CloudCart Services

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