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With this application you will be able to create additional opportunities for your products. You can use the Product Options to create different types of options to the end user that you will be able to apply to a specific product, category or brand. 

Types of Options

1.  The customer can add their own text to the product
2.  The customer can upload their own file
3.  The customer can choose an option from a drop-down menu
4.  The customer can choose an option from a radio button
5.  The customer can choose the best option for their situation

If you want to add the option 'Special engravings on a chair', you can add that via the Product Options app and charge the customer extra for this service.

Installation and settings

To enable this app and create different options and opportunities for specific products, products of different categories, and brands, log in to your admin panel, go to the Apps > All Apps section, and click on Product options.

After installing the app you can create different product options from the Add new product option button. 

  1. Option name for internal use - enter here the name of the option you create. This name is visible only in your admin panel.
  2. Option name visible at the product page of your store - enter here the name of the option that will be visible to your customers at your store. If, for example, you create an option for your customers to specify a text which you engrave on a cup, in this field it would be appropriate to write 'Please enter the sign you want us to engrave'.
  3. Product option is required - if you enable it, this means that your customers will not be able to order the product without having selected the respective option.
  4. Choose an option type -   from the drop-down menu choose what type the option field will be.       
  • File - your customers will be able to attach to the product they order a file and you will be able to download it from the order in the control panel of your store.
  • Checkbox and square - with the checkbox your customers can see the values you enter and will be able to click on the product value they want. Square: the customers will have the possibility to enter in two fields the size they order in m, cm, mm. 
  • Image - single selection of several image preview options
  • Radio button and text field - with this type your customers will see radio buttons with the values you enter and will be able to click on the value they choose for the product they order. Text field - with this type your customers will see a field in which they can type a text.
  • Dropdown menu - with this type your customers will see a dropdown menu with the values you enter and will be able to choose this value which they want for the product they order.

     5. Apply the price for each item - enable this option if you want for each product piece ordered the price to be calculated with the added option by the customer. For example, if a customer buys 5 pcs of a given product and chooses an option worth EUR 2, then this EUR 2 will be added to every piece of the product 5 pcs x EUR 2 = EUR 10. Depending on the option you have created, you can turn on or off the calculation of the price for every piece. If your option is 'package' for example, it can be added once regardless of the number of bought products. 

    6. Apply over - here you can choose whether the price of the option will apply over the discounted or the regular price of the product.

     7. Here you can specify several values for the product option:

  • Option value type -  indicate the value type - percentage, or exact amount.
  • Option value name - enter the name of the value you create and its price. If you do not want to charge your customers extra for this option, you can leave this field blank. If you want to charge your customers, type with what amount the price should change by choosing this option. If you enter a value of 5, this amount will be added to the price of the product. You can set negative values as well. 

The formed price of a product option is NOT taken into account when applying a discount. Example: If you have a product for EUR 10 + option for EUR 2, the discount will be applied to the price of EUR 10 and not EUR 12.


    8. Connection - use the drop-down menu to set to which products to attach the option you create.

Drag & Drop Sorting

Once you have created the product options you want, you can activate sorting and reorder them. This is done from the corresponding button in the upper right corner of the screen. You can change the order of the options by drag & drop.

Learn how to add a product here, and how to create and manage product categories you can read in the following article.