In order to activate the Braintree payment method, you simply need to have or now create a commercial account on the Braintree platform. You can then activate Braintree in your store control panel with a few clicks.

Getting the needed information from Braintree

1.  Firstly, you will need to retrieve your Braintree account information.

2.  Once logged in to your Braintree account, navigate to the My user > APIs section Keys, Tokenization Keys, Encryption Keys, where you can click the green View authorization button.

3.  After pressing the button, you will see a table of the keys that you need to put in your control panel after pressing the green View button.

4.  Afterward, please copy the Public Key, Private Key and Merchant IDs, respectively, enclosed in the photo below:

Please note that after returning to your store's control panel, you would need to place these keys in the appropriate boxes.

Activating Braintree in your CloudCart Store

1.  Once in your Admin panel, go to Settings > Payments > Braintree > Configure.

2.  Then the following page would appear, for you to fill the needed credentials:

You can enter the name of the service in your payment method settings. Your customers will see the name of the service when they complete the order in your store. You have the option to upload a payment method logo and it is mandatory to choose the currency to use with this payment method. Then you paste your IDs, Keys, and Currency and you are ready for Live Mode!