Related products are extremely useful functionality through which you can increase the average value of the basket in your online store. The way you offer your products should provoke consumer interest and make customers view the maximum number of items in your product catalog. That's why you need to think carefully about how you will link your products so that you can offer similar ones from the same product category, manufacturer or by tags that will intrigue the user viewing a product on your site. 

Quite often, customers view only a small part of the product catalog, and you as retailers are the ones who should direct them to see as many items as possible. This way, you can make your customers spend more than they originally planned. 

In this section:

How to link the products in your store?

There are several ways you can connect the products in your store.  

Link by tags

Let's first look at how you can most accurately link products together through so-called tags. To link a product to others, go to your admin panel, Products section, select the desired product and click on it to open the edit window. In the Tags field, enter the desired tags to link the products to.  

After entering the tag (s) of the main product, select the product you want to associate it with and enter the same tag. In this case, we will link two products under the tag "official".  

When customers view one of the two related products, they will see the other as an offer:  

If you want to attach other products related to your main product, you can do so by selecting the desired items with the check box on the left side of the product listing in the admin panel, and from Tools, select Tag.  

Enter the desired tags and press Submit This will allow you to easily connect more products with just a few clicks.  

Make sure all the products you want to link are published in your store.  

If you have linked more than one product to another, but they still do not appear in the product details page, check your settings in the My Store > Widgets section of the navigation menu. Select Products tab > Related Products

In the window that opens, in the Product count field, enter the number of products you want to appear as linked, as well as the products per row. The maximum number is 5. In the Type field, select Filter by Tag. Order by "By match totals" - this option means that the products that will be displayed first are the ones with the most matches by tags.  

Link by category

To link your products by category, go to My Store > Widgets, select Products > Related Products. From the Type drop-down menu, select Filter by Category. The related products that customers will see will be from the same category.  

You can also choose how they are arranged: by product ID, by name, at random, or by price. If you choose a price, you will be able to choose the direction of order - descending or ascending.  

Link by vendor

The linking of the products by a vendor is done in the same way. You need to go to the My Store > Widgets section of the navigation menu. Select Products > Related Products and in the Type field, select Filter by Vendor. Also choose the order type - by product ID, by name, at random, or by price.  

These are the ways you can link your products in the store so that you direct customers' attention to a larger part of your product catalog and encourage them to increase the value of their order by purchasing additional products or those with higher value.