When you offer products from different vendors in most cases you need different size charts because the sizes of the individual vendors do not always match. The Size Chart app allows you to do just that - assign different size charts to different product categories and brands. 

In this section:


Go to your admin panel and from the menu select Apps > All Apps > Size Chart and click on the Buy button. 

This app requires payment on a monthly basis. You can take advantage of a 7-day free trial.

Creating a landing page with a size chart

After the app is installed, it is recommended  to set up the landing pages with size charts before you start using it

1. For this purpose go to Marketing > Landing Pages and press the Add new page button. 

2. Select the type of the landing page - Regular page


3. In the window that opens, enter Page name. Typing in the page name will automatically fill in the URL as well. 

4. In the Content field place the size chart corresponding to your products or upload it in the form of a photo from the insert image button if you already have one. 

5. You can create your own size chart directly in the editor with the Table button.  

6. Fill in the SEO title and SEO description in the empty fields and press the Add new page button to save your changes.

The created page is already active but you need to make it visible in the product detail page. 

See more information about creating and managing Static pages here.

Adding a size chart to products

When you are done with the static pages, add them to products from specific categories and brands. 

1. To create a size chart, open the app and press the Create button in the upper right corner of the page. 

2. In the side panel that opens, fill in the following information: 

  • Title (For internal use) - only you can see this title and serves to guide you as to the purpose of the chart.  
  • Title (it will be visible in store) - this title will be visible in the store, so it is important to name it in the most accurate way, so that customers are aware of the chart's purpose.  
  • Select categories - select one or more categories for which the size chart will apply. This field is mandatory. . 
  • Select manufacturers - by selecting specific manufacturers you can filter additionally the products to which a size table will apply. This field is not mandatory.  
  • Select a size page - This is the place to put the static page that you previously created and which will be visualized in the product detail page. 

This is what the size chart looks like in the online store. It is located last in the product's Info tab: 

If you click on the size chart name, it will open in a side panel: 

With the Size Chart app you can easily and intuitively add different size charts depending on the product category and vendor.