Nowadays, every customer wants to shop as fast as possible and most purchases are impulsive. This functionality (Quickly add products from the listing to the cart allows you to offer your customers to buy a product directly from the product listing without having to go to the detailed page of the product itself. 

Enable functionality

1. Go to your admin panel Settings > Cart and checkout section, in the Miscellaneous subsection Action after the customer clicks on the "Buy now" button, select Do nothing.
2. After activating this option, your products can now be purchased directly from the listing.

When you click the "Buy" button, pieces will be immediately displayed, which your customers can easily add directly to their cart.


This functionality is extremely useful for stores that sell groceries or other products without additional variations / description. Your customers know what the product is and with one click they can get the products they want! This gives you a serious advantage over your competition, offering the same goods, because customers know that shopping from you is easy!