After you have successfully added Landing pages, you can edit and assign them from the same menu in Marketing > Landing Pages. In this article, you would be guided through the navigation tools in withing your Landing Pages.


You can select the pages you want to manage and hit the Tools bar.

These options would effectively activate the page if it was previously deactivated. If the page was already active, nothing would be switched off, so you don't need to worry.

This option does exactly the opposite of the previous one: deactivates the page.

This will delete the page. Warning: Careful, as If a page is deleted it cannot be retrieved again

This is a very useful feature if you want to create multiple numbers of the same page.


1Static page
Every page is created as a static one by default. After you create a page, you can link it to any part of your store. For example, if you can create a Static page which contains general information about your Company, and then link it with the Navigation menu.

2Home page
If you decide you want to freshen up your Home page or just create your own from scratch, you can use this option. Many merchants choose to have a personalized home page, because of the flexibility it offers, for their holiday promotions

3Thank you page
If you choose this option for a page, your clients would be able to see it each time they successfully complete an order.

4Error 404 page
Use this option, if you want to have a page, which is shown instead of the standard 404 error page. This option is particularly useful when a client decides to open a link that no longer exists. This way you will decide what they see instead.

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