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In general, delivery boxes or boxes for sending items (goods) to a specific customer are convenient when you want to successfully upsell your customers by selling more products into one box.

Why you need boxes?

The first reason is the online sale of products that are in a wider dimension. This means that you can sell keychains and sell bicycles at the same time. Thus, when selling bicycles, you need to calculate your prices or work with couriers who calculate their delivery prices depending on the volume weight. 

How to calculate the volume weight?

You have to measure the three dimensions of the product -height, length, width. To get the product volume weight, you need to multiply these dimensions and then divide the number you've got to 5000. 

Ex. If you have a product with a dimension:  100 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm (height, length, and width), to calculate the volume weight of this product, multiply 100x100x100 and then divide it to 5000. The number you get is the product volume weight. 

Based on that volume weight, the couriers calculate their pricing. The calculating of product volume weight is important because if you send products that are not as heavy, but their size is large, the couriers need their volume weight to calculate the delivery prices and estimate the space that this box will take until it reaches the customer.  

In the detailed product page in the admin panel, when you add or edit a product, there is a section called Additional Settings where you can enter the product dimensions:

Based on these dimensions (volume weight), you can send your products. 

If a customer places an order in your store for a pillow, a keychain, and a bicycle, for example, you should combine the products of that order into one single pack instead of sending three separate packages. In this way, the cost of sending the products to the customer will remain competitive. 

Set up delivery boxes

First, to use this option, you must enter the dimensions of each of your products in the store (width, length, and height) to calculate the volume weight.  

1. After you have done that, go to the Settings section > Delivery boxes and add a box type by clicking on the button Add new box in the upper right corner of your screen.

2.  In the Box settings window, you need to enter some metrics:

  • Name: this name won't be visible to the end-customer, but it is useful for you to differentiate your boxes. 
  • Empty weight (gr) - enter the weight of the box itself.
  • Max weight (gr) - enter the maximum weight in grams that this box can withstand. If the total weight of the products you want to put in this box is greater than that specified maximum weight in this field, this box type cannot be used for that shipment.    
  • Outer width (mm.\inch) - enter the outer width of the box. 
  • Outer length (mm.\inch) - enter the outer length of the box.
  • Outer height (mm.\inch) - enter the outer height of the box.
  • Inner width (mm.\inch) - enter the inner width of the box. That means that all products which are less than these dimensions can be added to this box. 

The dimensions of the product must not exceed the inner dimensions of the box. 

  • Inner length (mm.\inch) - enter the inner length of the box. 
  • Inner height (mm.\inch) - enter the inner height of the box.

After you entered the box sizes, press the Save button. Your first box will now be listed here:

There is an algorythm built in the CloudCart software which takes all the products from the customer's cart with their dimensions and calculates weather those products can be handle by one of the added boxes in your store.

If there is no available (suitable) box for the particular purchase, then the customer will struggling to finalize his order.

So, it is really important to make sure that the type of boxes you have added in your store cover the dimensions of all of your products. 

Do not forget that all products should have dimensions (height, length, width), as well as weight.

Enable Delivery boxes for a specific courier

To enable delivery boxes in your store, you need to go to Shipping and enter the boxes as an option in the various couriers you use. Currently, two couriers work with boxes - DPD (Speedy) and DHL.

These two delivery methods will be visible in your admin panel if you have activated them and are working with them.

To activate delivery boxes to the selected courier, select the appropriate courier, and in the settings window, in the Delivery boxes field, enter the types of boxes that you have previously created and want to use:

When a customer finishes his order and chooses a delivery method that allows the use of delivery boxes when you open the order in your admin panel you will see that based on the size of the products from this order and the sizes of the boxes that you have created in your store, the system has automatically selected the appropriate box for this shipment. 

No matter how many products an order consists of, if the total volume weight does not exceed the size of the delivery boxes you have, you can send all the products in a single box, which will not increase the cost of delivery, on the contrary. 

This is the whole process of working with delivery boxes. Once created and activated for some of the delivery methods that support this feature, they will be automatically selected by the system when a customer orders products whose dimensions allow them to be placed in delivery boxes in your store. This way you will not only save money on delivery, but you will also save time knowing which box to use for different orders.