CloudCart allows you to carry out your marketing skills and strategy by creating different types of Discounts. You can choose whether the discount is related to certain products, different categories, or the final amount of each order.

Adding a Global Discount

This type of Discount allows your customers to see the discount in their checkout and the total amount of their order. To create this type of Discount, follow the steps:

1.  Go into your control panel > Marketing > Discounts
2.  Then click on the Add Discount > Global discount
3.  Discount name - Here you write the name of the Discount.

4.  Discount type - Here you specify whether the discount would be in the form of Amount, percentage, or Free Shipping.

5.  Discount target - Define the target for the discount, based on orders, exact product, or a product category. You can choose from the following options:
6.  Customer groups - This option allows you to choose all groups or pick a specific one, where the discount will be applied. The default setup is that all groups are selected.
7.  Color - Here you can pick the colour of the promo text.
8.  Date range - Here is where you can specify the start date and the end date of the discount or set no expiration. The default promotion settings are with no expiration date.
*Set timer in products listing/product details page - Those options are only available if you've set an expiration date

9. Discount limits - This option can be activated if you wish for the discount to be used a fixed amount of time.