Live chats are by far the fastest way to connect to your clients. That is why our CloudCart tech team has worked so hard to integrate Zendesk Chat with our platform. Through this App, you would be able to easily communicate with your customers through a chat window on the bottom of your website, similar to our support chat. This will make you look accessible and more down-to-earth in the eyes of the customer.

Here is how Zendesk looks like on your site:

Activating the App Zendesk Chat

1. Go to the official Zendesk Website and create your profile.
2. Please don't hesitate to read the listed steps, through which you will get the activation code for Zendesk.

  • After you log in to your Zendesk profile, the code would be provided right away:

  • Even if you close the starting window, you would be able to retrieve the code from Settings > Widget > Embed Web Widget:

3. Go to your admin panel, from the menu click on APPS > Zendesk Chat > Install > Place the Code within the filed and click Activate
4. Hit Save button and you are all set!