As your partner in building your store and improving the development of your online business, CloudCart offers you a Custom design using templates. The service is among the favorites of our customers, as it includes additional refinement on the design and structure of the selected topic, according to your wishes and criteria. Thus, your store will feature a personalized and unique design that will give a clear vision of consumers for your brand and business. 

In this section:

In the following lines, we will explain in particular what we expect from you before we perform the service and what exactly the service includes.

What we expect from you:

Step 1 for the customer: You need to create a product catalog in the store, having the following options:

Option # 1 - Manually create Categories (see help article) and Products (See help article) in your store;

Option # 2 - automatic import with CSV file or XML feed / file;

Option # 3 - synchronization of a database of warehouse programs or ERPs. 

Option # 4 - if you have an old site, you can contact us for our additional migration service and 301 redirects;

Step 2 for the client: You need to fill in our >>> Design Questionnaire <<<, which you will receive after purchasing the service.

We expect you to answer our questions as comprehensively as possible, as our designers will work based on your answers in it. But, if you think it will be more convenient for you, you can also send us a separate document (with photos or a detailed explanation).

If you do not have specific requirements for the design and would like to trust the professionalism and experience of our designers, then this is quite possible, but we will still ask you to share it with us in the questionnaire.

Step 3 for the client: You need to upload your materials to our Google Drive folder. 

Our team will send you a shared folder on Google Drive, where we'd like you to share all the material you want in your store:

  • logo in vector format - if you do not have and want to make it for you (additional fee), please contact us;
  • photos and text for banners to present your business;
  • homepage texts if you want to have;
  • texts for static pages with conditions for shopping: payment and delivery, return and exchange, About us, etc. 
  • videos, certificates, instructions, files and diagrams, customer reviews, etc.;

Here we want to emphasize that our practice is to start the design process after we receive all the necessary materials. We understand that collecting them may take time, but we think the wait is worth it. As experience shows us that when we have all the materials, the design process goes most smoothly, and the customer remains most satisfied with the result.

Step 4 for the client: Ready to work

After completing steps 1, 2, and 3, please write to your key account to let him know that we can move on to the design process. Of course, if you have any questions before, do not hesitate to contact us. 

The minimum information required to start your project - a completed questionnaire, uploaded products and logo for design purposes must be provided by you up to 6 months of paying for the service. 

After this deadline CloudCart considers the project unworkable, the team is not responsible for keeping files as well as communication that has been conducted to date. The value of the service is not refunded or deducted from other services or applications. 

*If a service to migrate products from another platform has been paid, products remain the responsibility of CloudCart. Different conditions and terms apply for this service , and the production period on the part of the contractor (CloudCart) is not considered as inactivity on the part of the customer. 

Step 5 The design process 

First of all, we want to clarify that the service provided by our designers does NOT include: 

  • Styling landing pages other than the home page
  • The production of landing pages is specified and paid additionally
  • Processing and retouching of product photos 
  • Creating texts 
  • Upload products 
  • Design and styling of the text of the product pages 
  • Upload logos/brands on the Manufacturers page 
  • Creating size charts 
  • Create varieties and features for your products 
  • Design of email templates 
  • Creating and styling blog articles

Our team of designers uses several more basic templates and will choose the right one for you so that it meets your business needs. With the "Custom Design using Templates" service, the CloudCart team will create a beautiful, well-structured, and selling design for your online store, such as: 

✔ We will change the standard colors and fonts of the selected theme, with appropriate ones and in accordance with your desires; 

✔ We will create the necessary visual elements and icons for the store; 

✔ We will use a structure (the funnel) in the store to encourage consumers to buy; 

✔ Making banners for main categories on the home page; 

✔ Production of up to 3 banner sliders (with provided texts and high-resolution images by you); 

✔ Creating the main static pages in the store (such as About Us and Contacts), with preliminary texts submitted by you; 

✔ Creating a navigation structure (up to 30 links) in the store for easier customer orientation; 

Also, our programmers will make additional improvements to the design and structure of the selected theme to get as close as possible to your criteria and requirements.

A deadline for service implementation

Once you confirm that you have a database, answer the design questionnaire and provide the necessary materials, our designers will perform the service within 14 days (10 working days). 

We would like to warn you that in case of force majeure, the deadline may be extended to 5 working days.

Make adjustments

Within 7 working days after we submit the design to you, you can confirm whether it matches your expectations, or describe to us once all the corrections (within an email) to improve it. The client is entitled to 1 correction on the design. Additional submitted corrections and outside the specified period are paid according to the assignment. 

Note: finished work files are not shared with clients.

Request the service

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