Upsell and Cross-Sell offers/strategies are a huge opportunity for any business, through which you can optimize your profits without spending extra money on advertising.

In this article, we will go through all the steps of creating a successful Upsell offer in your CloudCart store.   

What is Upselling?

Upselling aims to increase the price of the main purchase by offering a product of the same type with a higher value. That is, if your customer is ready to buy a product from your online store, you can apply an Upsell offer by offering him a higher-class product of the same type at a slightly higher price or make him buy a more expensive package with more products. 

Before showing how to set up this type of offer in your CloudCart store, it is important to remember that the Upsell offer in this case should not be more expensive than 20-30% of the price of the initially desired product by the customer. It is very important for all merchants to understand that consumers have a psychological price threshold that they will have to overcome, using an "appetizing" and valuable offer and offered with originally written text to make the consumer replace their chosen product with a more -expensive one.  

If the original product that the customer wants to buy costs EUR 50, then you must offer him a more expensive product with a maximum price between EUR 60-70, so as not to take the customer out of his comfort zone. 

How to create an Upsell offer?

1. Go to your admin panel, Apps section > All apps > Cross-sell & UpSell, and click on the Install button.
2. To create an offer click on the Create new offer button in the Upsell section.  

After you have installed the application a new subsection will appear in the Marketing section where you can access Cross-sell & UpSell:

3. In the window that opens, enter the title of the offer - you have the opportunity to enter a system title (for your own usage), and a marketing title for your offer to grab the attention of customers who will see it. E.g. Wait! We have a better deal for you! Congratulations! You just unlocked a big discount! Hey! Don't miss this opportunity! Hey! Don't miss these 20/30/40% discounts!

This type of title grabs extra attention and makes the user read the following lines because it arouses his interest. Of course, each title has its place depending on the type of Upsell offer you will create

If you turn on test mode, only you will be able to see the offer to check how it works and looks before activating it and making it visible to customers. 

4. Write your marketing description that literally in one sentence clarifies what the user gets from you and answers the question "Why should I change the product?" Be specific in the description, giving as much information as possible, but in no more than 2 lines, e.g. Add Product 2 with X% discount + Free shipping. Already X people have done it! Add Product 2 with an X% discount and save X EUR from your order. Already X people have done it!

This type of description should give the customer a clear idea of the benefits of this offer - to save money and be confident in the quality of the product. (as soon as X other people have ordered it).

Button text and Cancel button texcan be: 

I want the offer :)

Add to cart :)

Yes, I want it! :)

No, thanks! :(

5. In the next sub-section, you need to set the visual settings of your offer. We recommend that they be consistent with the design of your site.

  • Background color - this is the background color of the window in which the offer will be displayed - Make it neutral (gray/white or other light colors) so that the text and description of the offer are easy to read.
  • Text color - this is the color of the Title of the offer - We recommend that the color of the text be black or contrasting with the background 
  • Button background color and button text - a visual combination for the button.

We recommend that the color of the button be green, as this color has a positive effect on users and psychologically makes them click on the button. 

6. Specify the start date and the end date of the offer, or set no expiration

If you have a specific promotion valid for the entire site, which expires on a certain day, then set an end date on which the Upsell offer will stop showing. If you do not have an offer for the entire site but have simply created a special Upsell offer, you can leave the initial setting "No expiration" to take advantage of the constant display of the offer when a certain action is performed by a user.  

7. Choose the conditions of your offer

Choose which product to activate the Upsell offer for and which product to replace the original product with.  

8. Additional offer settings  

- You can activate the option to show only the difference in price, which must be paid extra. 

- You can activate the option to match the number of products 

- You can set a setting in which the upsell offer will be displayed only if the product selected by the customer is out of stock. 

- Display effect - this option allows you to set the way your offer will be displayed - Confetti, Fireworks, or  School pride. 

After selecting one of the three options, a test button will appear on the left, from which you can see what the effect looks like.  

Once you are done with setting the offer, click the "Save" button and be sure to go to the page of your product and test how your offer is displayed depending on the settings.  

Before releasing the offer to all users of your site, we advise to first make a test product that is hidden from the general audience of your site to use for such tests and settings.

Once you are sure that the offer is set up correctly, you can simply go into the settings and change the product that this Upsell offer was originally created for.  

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