In the Product section of your online store, you can see all products created so far. This section offers an extensive array of tools that can assist with managing your products. This article will help you understand how to use them to their full potential.

Search and filter your products

Go to Products and the filters would be visualized right away.
1.  Filters
Using the filter option is the easiest and most simple way to find your desired products. You can navigate through the filter menu by clicking on the drop-down arrow and choosing the criteria. You can filter your products by Price, Category, Quantity, Product tracking, Tagged with, SKU, Barcode, Brand, Published, Digital, New, Hidden, Featured, Draft, and Imported with.

2.  Search by Keywords
You can use this field in order to find by their name. It can also be used for just a word or phrase, contained in the product name.

3.  No saved filters
This option allows for saving a filter with the desired name and then re-using it when convenient.


How to Apply specific changes to a group of products

1.  On each product, you can see the name, brand, variants, quantity, date added, and modified.
2.  You can use the drop-down menu, in order to choose how many products would be displayed on a page.
3.  You can click on the empty space next to "Product" in order to select all products on the page and use the Tools options.

Amending the details of particular products

The details, name, quantity, variations, and images of the product need to be edited from inside the product itself. Once inside the product, when you hit publish, the product would then be indicated with a little green tick in your product catalogue.