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In the main section Products of your control panel you will see all the products created so far. This section offers you several tools and options that will make your work easier when changing the products so that you can quickly manage one of the most important parts of your online store.

Search and filter products

1. Filters
Use filters to quickly and easily find a specific group of products to which you want to make changes. From the drop-down menu of the Filters button choose the criterion by which the system is to show you products from a specific category, brand, tag, price, quantity, or anything else.

2. Saved filters
You can create filters and then save them with the 'Add filter' button to be able to reach faster the products you often make changes to. All saved filters will be available in this menu.

3. Search by keywords
You can use this field to find a specific product by its name.

4. Add product

From this button, you can add new products.

Applying specific changes to a group of products

1. On each line of a product you see its name, brand, whether there are variants, currently available quantity, and date it was added. In the last column of each line, you see four important statuses for each product and a "change log" button that shows a history of changes of a product and its attributes.

2. With these buttons you can specify whether the product is marked with the label 'Hidden', 'Featured', 'New' or to be published.  You have these options in the detailed page of each product as well. 

2.1. From the first button you can hide a product. The difference between a hidden and an unpublished product is that the unpublished product is not only invisible to your customers but even if someone has the link to the product if he opens it he will see that such a page does not exist. If you mark a specific product as 'Hidden', it will not be visible in your store but if a user comes across only and specifically on that link of the product not through the store but through google for example, or through a link directly provided by you, he will be able to open it, view it and make an order. 

For certain purposes of your business, you may prefer some of your products to be 'Hidden' rather than 'Unpublished' for a period of time. 

2.2. Based on the 'Featured' and 'New' labels you can create collections and customize the product sections (widgets) for the appearance of your store. 

2.3. With the fourth button you can publish a product in less than a second or mark it as unpublished and it will no longer be visible in your store. 

2.4. Through the "change log" button you can see all the changes of a product and its attributes, as well as by whom they were made. Pressing the button will open a side panel with information.

3. Use the drop-down menu to select how many products per page you want to see in the product listing in the control panel (10-100).

4. You can click in the blank box next to the sign 'Product' to highlight all products on the page and thus apply to all of them a specific action selected using the 'Tools' button.

Correction in the details of a specific product

To correct a description, name, quantity or variants of a specific product, it is necessary to go to the detailed page of the product, make the appropriate changes and publish them.
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