You can now upload all products from your CloudCart store to with just a few clicks. 

In this section: is the most popular Bulgarian platform for comparing prices and products. In it, each user can quickly and easily compare the prices of a product in all stores registered on the platform and choose the best offer for him. In addition, he can see what the reviews of the other users are of the separate online stores. The site attracts over 700 000 potential buyers per month, who can make an informed decision among 340 e-shops and nearly 950 000 offers (according to data from February 2015).

What are the main benefits for users if they can see your products at

* They easily compare products on many parameters at once.
* They find the stores that guarantee correct service.
* They see reviews about stores and products from already shopping customers.
* They check the prices while still in the store with the price scanner app.
* They have an option of a direct question to many of the stores on the platform.
* They receive a notification from the platform when the price of the desired product decreases.

All this can help you sell more after you upload your products to 

And how is this done? Literally with a few clicks, and it takes about 5 minutes. 

Generating a product catalog for

1. First, log in to your store's administrative panel. It is usually found at the following address From there go to the Apps section from the navigation menu to the left, All apps, and select > Install:
2. In the window that opens in the first field from the drop-down menu, select which products you want to import to - all, only those in stock, etc.

2. Filter the products you want the product catalog to contain by choosing whether to take only available products or include all products. 

 3. In the next step, you can choose whether to include the products that are hidden in your store. 

4. We advise you to add UTM tags, through which you will be able to analyze the results generated by the product catalog (feed). UTM tags are add-ons (parameters) to the URL used to exchange additional information without changing its primary purpose - to point to an internet resource. 

5. In the fields for additional settings, you can enter various parameters such as: 

  • Delivery time - here, enter in how many days the product will be delivered starting from the date of the order. The correct formats are 4; 4 working days; 4 days; When the delivery is made within 1 day, mark it in one of the following ways: 1; 1 day; 1 working day; Incorrect formats - 1 week, 2-4 days, etc.  
  • Delivery cost - indicates the delivery fee within the country. When it is free, regardless of the weight and value of the order, you need to indicate it with one of the words: no cost, Free. If the price is fixed for the country, regardless of the weight and value, indicate it as follows, for example, 10, EUR 10. 
  • Default Barcode - if your products do not have a barcode, here you can enter one to be added to every product by default. 
  • Default SKU - if your products do not have an SKU, here you can enter one to be added to every product by default.
  • WEB API Key - it is provided by

Once you have saved the settings a link will be generated, but it is not generated immediately; it is necessary to wait for a while, after which it will be displayed like this here: 

Information about the number of products included in your XML feed and the number of products that your plan allows will be displayed. If the number of products in your XML Feed is larger, you can increase your quota from the corresponding button. (The button is visible only if the number of products that the XML feed needs to generate exceeds the number of products included in your package).  

For the StartUp plan 500 products are included, for the Business plan - 2 500 products, and for the Enterprise plan - 10 000. 

From the Edit settings button, you can go back to settings to edit some of the fields. 

Activity status gives you information if the app is active. If the app has stopped working for some reason, a reactivation button (Start job) will appear, from where you can start it again.  

Once the link has been generated, you need to go to's platform and enter the necessary information. 

The XML product catalog is regenerated every 12 hours.

How to upload your product catalog to Pazaruvaj

1. To upload your products to, you need to register on the site. Go to and follow the instructions to register in case you haven't done so already. It is important that after you register, you confirm your email, enter your business information and save the settings.
2. Then, on the left you will see all the necessary menus. Select 'Display settings' (“Настройки на показване”) and then the submenu 'Link to the product list' (“Линк до списъка с продукти”).
3. There, place the generated link for the XML feed from your admin panel.
4. When you are ready, press the button at the bottom right 'Save your choice' (“Запази избора”).

This is all you need to do to upload your products to the Pazaruvaj website so that they reach more users.