CloudCart allows you to have customized product images as well as banners and sliders of your choosing.

Product Images

1. The product images are added from Products > Go into the product in question > Image Manager

The suggested size of all product images is 1280 x 1280 pixels, which is the optimal size. Additionally, CloudCart optimizes and compresses each uploaded product image for better results and the best possible loading speed for your site.

2. Additionally, CloudCart resizes the images in a few formats, so they can be used in all "websafe" visualizations.

3. All images added to your online store are protected, by the so-called "Digital Watermark". The watermark protects your store through a digital passport, which contains information about the creator of the site, the merchant, and title+description of the product itself.

4. The photo compressor that CloudCart uses is fundamentally the same as the image compressor used by tinypng

Banner Images

The different-sized banners in your store would be determined by priority and positioning on the page. They need to be added with high-resolution and decent-optimization

1. By default, the banners in your store and managed from:

My Store Widgets > Others > Banners 1&2

2. In addition, you can add Banner Images from:

Marketing > Landing pages > Add a new page > Drag & Drop Page Builder > Add new widget > Show Images > Then add SAMPLE BANNER.

Creating Sliders

The sliders on your store allow for displaying multiple images, which can be linked with a product or another part of your online store. They are incredibly useful, as they fulfill both the functions of advertisement and a hotlink to your products. You have the option to animate sliders using a Fade or Slide effect.

We advise you to add sliders with no more than 1900 pixels of width. Regarding the high - it needs to be the same so all images can be visualized the same. You choose the appropriate height for your Home Page.
Please use the images with the best quality and compress them, before adding them to your control panel. This way you would "lighten up" your home page and therefore speed up its loading time.

1. The Sliders, much like the banners, can be customized through the Widgets:

My Store > Widgets > Others > Slider

2. Again, though the Landing Page, you can add a slider where you like on your store:

Marketing > Landing pages > Add a new page > Drag & Drop Page Builder > Add new widget > Carousel

Here you can find more information regarding the Page Builder.