The navigation menus are used for forwarding your website's visitors to pages and menus that contain specific information about your website. Creating a main (top) and bottom menu with links leading to major sections in your store is very important. All functional online stores should include links to the main pages of the store as well as links with basic information at the bottom of each page.

Where can I find my store's navigation?

1.  In your control panel > Go to My Store > Navigation
2.  There you would find the two parts of your navigation: Main menu and Footer menu.

Main Menu

The main navigation menu consists of links, that can have an unlimited number of sub-categories, which will be displayed as drop-down menus on your website.

1.  You can edit every navigation link, while the menu looks like this:
2.  Once you click on Add more, a new window would pop up allowing you to choose which type of link do you want to create:

While most of the options create a hotlink to a certain part of your store, there is an option for adding an external link, via the Web link item.
3.  Once you are all done, you can check out how the main navigation menu, would appear on your live website:

Footer Menu

1.  The Footer Menu or just the Footer of your site is the second section of your navigation menu. Here is an example:
2.  Those link would then appear on the bottom part of your website respectfully:
The standard is that the Main menu is used for the product and content of the site, while the footer is used for any additional information a customer or visitor may need.

Please note that the Add more button opens the same menu for both the main and the footer menus.