In order for your store to be successful and be able to use the many useful online tools provided by Google, it is imperative that you verify your domain there! To do this, you need to verify your store with Google Search Console. The old name for this console is "Google Webmasters". 
After placing the HTML verification tag, you need to wait 24 hours for the verification to pass successfully.

In order to be able to verify with Google, you need to have an active domain that is set as the primary domain in your account. Here you can read how to set a primary domain. 

Installing the App

1. Go into your control panel > Apps > All Apps > Google Search Console

2. After you open the app, you'll see a box where you put your Meta Tag after you download it from your Google Account.
3. Go to your Google Account to get the Verification Tag. From here you can go directly to Google Search Console.
4. Once you are on the page, choose the second option - URL prefix and click Continue. Please be sure to add your domain with https:// in front, it should look like this:
5. Then please choose which verification method you prefer. Select the HTML tag and copy the Tag as shown in the photo below:
6. Then place the tag you just copied onto your Google Search Console in your CloudCart store, opened in step 2, and click Save.
7. Return to your Google Console and hit Verify, if everything. You would then see the following green window, acknowledging the verification of your property:
You are all set!

If the domain can not be authenticated, wait a few minutes, reinsert the Meta Tag and try again.