CloudCart allows you to apply your marketing skills and strategy by creating different types of Discounts. You can quickly create Promo Discount Codes (Vouchers) for your customers who will shop even more with them. You can choose whether the discount is related to certain products, different categories or the final amount of each order.

In this section:

While global discounts and discounts with promo codes allow you to reduce the price of certain products or groups of products by a specific amount or percentage, the fixed discount allows you to set different prices for different products. 


If you want to reduce a dress that cost 100 EUR and a dress that costs 50 EUR but you want the one of 100 EUR to reduce to 90 EUR and the one from 50 EUR to reduce to 25 EUR, the global discount will not be convenient for you, because the amounts/percentages with which you want to reduce the two different products do not have the same value.

In this case you can use a Fixed discount with which you can enter a specific discounted price for each of your products.

Creating a fixed discount

1. Go into the control panel of your store, in the Marketing > Discounts section, click on Add discount and select Fixed discount

2. Discount name - enter the name of the discount you are creating (The name is for internal use only and will not be visible to customers).

3. Customer groups - you can choose whether the discounts is active for all customers or only for specific customer groups that you have created in your store.

4. In this section you can choose the background and color of the discount.

5. Setting for showing discount's amount in label - choose how to visualize the difference between the regular and the discounted price in the detailed page of the product:

6. Date range - in this section you need to choose the period of validity of the discount. It is mandatory to specify a start date by selecting it from the calendar. You have the option to specify an end date or leave the discount with the status No expiration. If you specify a date range, you can also add a timer to be displayed in the product listing and/or the detailed page of the product. This will encourage customers to take advantage of the discount now by showing them how much time is left until it expires.

7. To save the discount and the settings, click the Add discount button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Product selection

After creating the discount you will see a Products button through which you need to add all products for which you want to create a fixed discount.

From the drop-down menu after clicking Products you can select any of the products you have in your store.

Fixed discount of a product without variants

If the product for which you are creating a discount does not have variants (for example different color, size, material), with just one click you can enter the new fixed price of the selected product and save the discount.

Fixed discount of a product with variants

If you are adding a fixed discount for a product that has variants (for example size, color or other), you can set a different price for each variant. When you choose to add a product with variants you will see the following options:

  • Single price for all variants - this way you will set one price for all product variants
  • Different price for each variant - this way you can set a different price for each variant the product has.

Management and editing of a fixed discount

You will find all created discounts in the Marketing > Discounts section. You can adjust the name of each discount, the date range and the main settings by clicking on the name of the fixed discount. To add or deactivate the products for which you have created this fixed discount, it is necessary to click on the Products button in the row of the discount.

See how to create other types of discounts in this section of our Help Center.