The fixed discount is very handy when you want to set different prices for different products. It is typically used when you want to offer a promotion for only a particular product, in which case the Global Discount will not be comfortable.

How do I set up the Fixed Discount?

1. Go into your control panel Marketing > Discounts > Add discount > Fixed discount
2.  The settings of the discount are as follows:
3.  The Discount name requires you to name the discount. This option would only be visible to you.
4.  Customer groups allow for screening the groups you want to be included in the discount.
5.  Lastly, Date range allows you to set the date for when the discount would activate.

How do I activate the discount?

1.  Once the discount is active, you would need to attach the desired products onto it.
2.  Then you would need to do the add the products as such:
3.  After you choose the product, you choose their pricing and can use the promo as your heart desires.