MailChimp is one of the best platforms for email marketing automation. This app offers you dozens of features and the ability to create professional-looking templates that are easy to customize. With Cloudcart you can integrate Mailchimp into your online store and make your email marketing successful and efficient.

In this section:

Some of the main advantages of Mailchimp are:

1. Automatic synchronization of your customers, as well as the products ordered by them. Hundreds of different email marketing strategies can be made through this information.

2. MailChimp's free plan is ideal for new businesses or those who are starting to do email marketing. You have the opportunity to create a list of up to 2000 subscribers and a monthly limit of 12,000 email addresses and it's completely free!

3. MailChimp is super convenient and flexible for the user. The platform is designed even for people without technical experience, so anyone can send professional-looking mistletoe without the need for marketing training!

4. The platform is full of useful features that make your life easier - schedules, list segmentation, reports, integration.

5. Excellent support! MailChimp's customer service is at an extremely high level! You can contact them with any inquiries and expect a fantastic, fast, and friendly response. Instead of offering free accounts without support options as a way to get people to subscribe to their paid services, MailChimp actually made a "freemium" - a key part of its business model.

If the application is installed later, all customers registered in your store before installation will be synchronized and transferred to Mailchimp.

How to connect MailChimp to your online store:

1. Log into your admin panel, from the menu choose Apps > MailChimp.

2. After installing the application, log into it, to set up the integration module:

To successfully integrate the platform, you need to have or create a MailChimp account, if you do not have one. For your convenience, we have placed direct links (marked with red arrows in the photo below) to the registration page, as well as the Mailchimp page on how to create a list of customers for your email campaigns.

3. If you do not have a MailChimp account, click the Here button and you will be redirected to the official site to register:

Create a MailChimp account

In the photos below you will see the step-by-step actions needed to create an account:





Choose the plan that meets the needs of your business.

4.  After creating an account, you must complete the following fields:





This step is optional.


You can subscribe to some of the MailChimp newsletters (optional).

Where to find the API key

Once you have created your account, you need to get an API key and place it in the required field in your CloudCart store in the MailChimp application for the integration to be successful.

1. To take the API key, go to the Account section in the lower-left corner of the menu bar in your MailChimp account.

2. From the opened menu, select Extras and from the drop-down menu > API keys.

 3. A little further down the page, click the Create A Key button to generate the required key.

4. Copy the created API key and paste it in the required field in your CloudCart store in the MailChimp application.

In MailChimp:

In your store:

Creating mailing lists

1. After activating the application, you need to create lists of customers in your MailChimp account - one for all customers who already have ordered and one for all those who have subscribed to receive a newsletter.

MailChimp List:

2. Then in your CloudCart store in the MailChimp application, where you copied the API key, in the fields Customer list and Newsletter list, select the appropriate groups from the drop-down menus that will appear automatically and click the Save button and then Activate.

You now have an application enabled and a client database built into your MailChimp account. You can now start working on its expansion by activating the Newsletter module (MailChimp) from the control panel of your store. Through this module, you control the type of your newsletter and how you will direct your users to sign up to receive news from your store in the form of an email newsletter.

How to set up the MailChimp Widget?

1.  From the My Store > Widgets > User > Newsletter (MailChimp) you can control the appearance of the format in which users will save their emails.

2.  From this page you can choose the following options:

Turning ON/OFF the Newsletter (MailChimp) - Enable/Disable the newsletter.

Newsletter title - The name of the newsletter.

Description - enter the description of the newsletter. We recommend being a short sentence that will be visible to your customers right next to the blank field where they will enter their emails

Showing the form at the footer - Activate a simple newsletter form that will be visible at the bottom (footer) of your page.

Automatically display - This is the other option for displaying your newsletter. Once enabled, the newsletter sign-up form will open automatically on your store page as a pop-up window:

Delay (Seconds) - If the Automatically display option is enabled, this option allows for you to choose, how many seconds may pass before the newsletter is displayed on your site.

We encourage you to use and enable both forms, as this increases your chance of collecting more emails from more users.

Click Save Extension to start collecting even more information about your client base and creatively use MailChimp to create successful marketing campaigns.

If you enable the auto-newsletter format for your store through a popup, keep in mind that every user who visits your store multiple times during the day will see the window only once. Re-displaying this form depends on cookies and cache in users' browsers.

Information about orders and their products is sent only when the order has the status Fulfilled, Paid or Completed.