Once you've set up your online store with the right range of products, you need to decide what delivery options to offer to your customers. You can add three types of custom delivery - depending on the weight of the order, depending on the price of the order, and depending on the weight and price.

Different types of delivery methods

1. Depending on price - This shipping method rates will depend on the order subtotal. With this shipping method, the shipping price is based on the total price of the items being purchased. The price may vary with the increase or decrease of the total price of the order, with delivery price levels being determined by the price of the order.
2. Depending on weight - This shipping method rates will depend on the order's total weight. In this case, the delivery price is based on the total weight of the products being ordered.
3. Depending on price and weight - This shipping method rates will depend on the order's total price and weight. Here you have the opportunity to formulate the method by the two previous criteria - weight and price.

Different types of shipping methods

1.  Go into your account > Settings > Shipping > Add a shipping method from the top right-hand corner.

2. Click the Add Shipping Method button in the upper right corner of the page. You will see the following window:

In the window that opens, select the value and type of delivery you want to apply.

3. After selecting the shipping method, a new window will open up for the settings:

The window is essentially the same, apart from the last option which differs depending on the shipping choice:

  • Name and Description - respectively the name and description of the shipping method.
  • Insurance - Enter % for shipping insurance, if any.
  • Shipping method logo - Add Delivery Method Logo, upload file from your computer.
  • Shipping regions - Select regions where this shipping method will operate. You can choose between a global or a region you have created previously.
  • Payment provider - select which payment methods will serve this delivery method.

4. The last part of the shipping method is different as follows:

Depending on the price
Depending on the weight

Depending on price and weight


If the delivery parameters go beyond the specified ones, the delivery price will change to the default price set by the Provider (If one is in use).

If you put a final value for one delivery method (for example, from 500 EUR to 1000 EUR, the shipping cost is 2 EUR), this shipping method will not be available to customers whose orders exceed 1000 EUR.

5. Click on Save and carry on selling.