In this article, you will find detailed information about the tools and the features you can use in creating new pages for your store. The Page Builder allows you to create a fully customized design and then use the created pages as landing ones for your business. A Landing Page can even be added as a new Home page or as a Thank-You page visualized after a successful order. Thanks to those options your store can take change its look and keep its overall vibe fresh and up to speed with the competition!

Log in to your control panel and enter section Marketing > Landing Pages > Add a new page and choose Drag & Drop Page Builder.

Adding new row

Your page will contain rows and widgets which you could add, combine, edit, copy, and fully customize. Before adding widgets, you need to choose the layout of the rows.

1.  Click on the green Add new row button to choose the layout of the row.

2.  Choose the structure of the row you would like to add by clicking one of the tables. On this step, you will set the amount and the structure of the columns this row will be created from.
Each row you add could be contained by columns with different sizes.
For example, after choosing, that you want 2 columns, first of which filling 1/6 part of the row and the second filling the rest 5/6 parts of the row, you could start adding widgets to those columns. Every widget will adopt the space of the column you are adding it in.

Editing rows

CloudCart Team strives to provide you unlimited opportunities by developing tools and features which you can use with ease! Here are the options you can apply to each row.
1.  Row settings
This tool allows you to choose the background type for the row. The background could be an image or a colour you can choose by adding its code or selecting it with the Color Box. You can set the paddings and the margins for the row and this would change the distance between the rows.

2.  Copy row
You can copy each row (with all the widgets in it if already added some) without adding a new one with the same layout. This allows you to quickly and easily accomplish the best design of the page you are creating.

3.  Reorder row
Use this button to move each row using drag & drop.

4.  Remove row

Use the button to delete the row.

Default sections on the page

On the main menu at the Drag & Drop Page Builder, you will find activated by default the Header and the Footer of your store. You can manage those sections from My Store -> Navigation at your control panel. If you use this page as the Home page it’s better to leave those sections activated. If you’d like to use a page as a landing page, you could deactivate the Header and the Footer in order to avoid distraction from the information you want to provide to your customers with this page.

Page Settings

After you have the page ready, use the menu on the right side of the page builder in order to set the page some main settings.

1.  Name of the page – you can type the name of the page which would be for your internal use.
2.  Page link – you can type the name of the page link here. The link will always have the components
3.  SEO title – type a unique SEO title for your page
4.  SEO description – fill the SEO description of the page
5.  Page history changes – you can use this tool like an undo button going back to different states of the page
6.  Preview – use the button to check the current vision of the page. You should keep in mind that the link from the preview will not be available for customers or users who are not logged in to your control panel.
7.  Publish changes – this button will activate your page with the current vision

Assign the page

Use the Back to pages button in order to go back to your control panel and the listing with all the pages.
1.  Name – in this column you can see the name of the pages and a button to their link

2.  Assigned to – use the drop-down menu to assign the page as a:

Static page – you can use this assignment to create a link to this page, for example, from the main navigation menu

Home page – use this assignment if you want to set this page as a home page for your store

Thank you page – choose this assignment if you want this page to be seen from your customer as a Thank you page after a successfully placed order

3.  Active – use the button to quickly activate and deactivate each of the pages in your store