With the eMag application in your ClodCart store, you can upload your products into one of the largest sites with dozens of product categories and grow your business easily.  Now you can sell even more through the eMAG market thanks to the integration you have in your online store.

Installation and Settings

1. Go to your admin panel, choose Apps section > All Apps and select Emag > Install.

2. In the first part of the settings, from the drop-down menu, select which products to include in your XML feed to be uploaded to Emag. Sending products from your store to Emag is via XML Feed. You are able to filter the products you want to be included in the feed. You can select all your products from the store, products only from certain categories, manufacturers, specific products, products with certain tags, or specific product collections.  

3. In the following sections, you can filter the products according to their availability, ie whether to include all products or only those that are in stock. You also have the option to include hidden products from your store.  

4. We advise you to add UTM tags, through which you will be able to analyze the results generated from the product catalog (feed). UTM tags are additions (parameters) to the URL, which are used to exchange additional information without changing its main purpose - to lead to an Internet resource.  

Once you have saved the settings an XML link will be generated. It is not generated immediately, it is necessary to wait a while. If you need to edit the settings you can do it from the corresponding button. 

You will see information about the number of products that will be included in your XML feed, as well as the number of products that your plan allows. If the number of products contained in your XML Feed is higher, you can increase your quota from the corresponding button. (The button is visible only if the number of products that the XML feed has to generate exceeds the number of products included in your package).

500 products are included for the StartUp plan, 2,500 products for the Business plan and 10,000 for the Enterprise plan.

Activity status gives you information about whether the application is active. If for some reason the application has stopped working, a reactivation button will appear, from where you will be able to start it again.

The XML product catalog is updated every 12 hours.

Once the link has been generated, you need to go to the Emag platform and create a business profile, if you do not have one, and enter the necessary information and place the generated link to successfully upload the selected products from your store in Emag.