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The possibilities for arranging and filtering your product catalog with CloudCart are constantly increasing. In this article we will introduce you the functionalities and tools that you can use in the Variants section of the control panel of your store. 

Adding a new variant

1. Log in to the control panel of your store and go to the Products > Variants section. Here you will see the already created by default most common and often used product variants. You can edit them by clicking on any of them or add a new variant from the Add new variant button in the top right corner.   

2. In the Name field type the name of the variant and from the Type drop-down menu select how you want the values of the variant you are creating to be displayed. 

Select option - this type of variant will arrrange your variants in a drop-down menu from which your customers will be able to select their preferred item. 

Radio button - this type of variant will arrange the variants as buttons which are displayed directly without a drop-down menu. 

Image sample - this type of variant will arrange each created value as a small image under the name of the variant and for each value you can upload a different image. It is suitable to use it if your products have different variations of fabric, pattern or you just want to visualize with images the values you offer for this variant.  

Color sample - this type of variant will arrange each created value as a color sample. Creating the values you have the optio to choose the right color using the color palette or entering the HTML code of the color which your product has as a variation.  

2D schema - This is a system of variants that allows you to combine 2 variants to facilitate the customer. This option is often used by the merchants for relating sizes with colors. To create this variant you need to connect the two variants, both with a 2D schema button**. 

Numeric alpha - Similar to the 2D schema, Numeric Alpha is a button that allows a combination of figures and letters, useful for some types of product variants. 

3. Go to the product for which you want to add a variant and the respective values to it and save the settings after you set them up with the 'I have multiple options' button. 

Show variants as separate products in the listing

If you want a particular or all product variants to be shown as a separate product in the listing, you can do so by selecting the variant/s for which you want this setting to apply from the list of variants and then all products with that variant will be shown as separate products in the listing.

After selecting a variant, a sidebar with the setting "Show each variant as a separate product in the product listing" will open  - if you enable this option for a variant, it will appear in the listing as a separate product. 

*Note that once you have activated this setting, you cannot undo it in the next 24 hours. 

Enabling this option activates an additional one - "Include the name of the variant in the product title". If you include it in the product name, the name of the variant itself will be displayed (eg "colour"), if it is not included, only the value (eg "white") will be displayed.

If you have enabled the option for the variant name to be included in the product title, this will only apply to the specific variant for which you have selected it. If you want this to apply to all product in your store, you can activate the global setting from the section My Store > Widgets > Products > Detailed product information.

Merge Values

On the page with the values of the variants, you can merge different option values to 1 selected value, as everywhere they will be overwritten with the selected one and the old ones will be deleted. This functionality is especially useful in cases  you use different imports, and new variants and values are added with each import, for example: 

  • Import 1 - Sizes - 35.5, 36 1/2, 39, etc., 
  • Import 2 - Sizes: 35,36,37 etc, 
  • Import 3 - the third import again contains these values but is written differently.  

If you are migrating your store from another platform to CloudCart and have values that are written differently, you can easily merge them with this functionality. 

With this option, you can merge the values of all variants to values to only 1. For example, all values "35" (35.5, 35 1/2, etc.), will be merged to 35. Once you have merged them when adding a product the new value to which the other values have been merged will be saved. 

To merge values of the selected variant, click on the button for the values of the chosen variant:

Then click the Merge Values button in the upper right corner of the screen and select the value to which you want to merge the selected values of the variant. As well as which values you want to be merged to the selected value in the field above. After merging, the selected values will be replaced with the ones you have selected.  

Filtering - Your customers can filter the products in your store by variant or by variant and value, and choose to display only products that contain or do not contain this variant. Also, there is a filter with which it can be searched in the values of a given variant.

Add variants to your products

Go into your products, select a product, and set up its variants.
You save the variants as shown below, then just add a price for each one and you're all set!
Here is how it's visualized on a "live" website:

Edit variants

In the Products > Variants section of your control panel, you can always add new variants, as well as by clicking on any of the variants to edit an existing one

  • name of a created variant - click on the name to edit
  • type of a created variant - click on the name to edit
  • values of a created variant - click on 'Option values' to edit already created values

  • value order - after you enter the values, click on 'Enable drag & drop sorting' to be able with drag and drop to correct the order of the values of the variant

Additional features

You have the option to preselect variants*, which you can turn on or off according to your preferences and needs. This means that when the customer goes to the detailed page of a given product if this product has variants with different prices, it will be selected the one with the lowest price or the first variant if they do not differ in price terms. 

*By default, this option is turned off. You can enable it from the menu in your admin panel, section My Store > Widgets > Products > Detail information for a product in your admin panel. 

Keep in mind that if you have set a different image for each of the variants of a given product, then if you turn on the option for preselecting variants, the image of the chosen variant will be displayed and not all available images. Each of the images will be visible when the respective variant to the specific image is selected by the customer. 

If you still want the customer to see all variants, you can make a common one (example: you have 5 chairs in different colors, make a common one of all five), which is not set to any of the variants, but is main. Then it will be visible with every variant no matter which one is preselected. 

The other option is to choose the Type of the variant to be Image sample, so the customer can see the images of each variant even if he hasn't selected it. 

You can find more information on how to manage your products in our Help Center.