There are more and more possibilities for editing your products and categories. We are proud of our wide array of available tools, that can be used to customize your products. Variants being one of them.

Adding a new variant

Go to Products > Variants > Add a new variant from the top right corner.
1.  The following menu would unfold:
Please select a name and a type, for how the variant.

2.  After creating the desired Variants, go into their individual Option values and choose them accordingly.
3.  The enable drag&dop button from the top right-hand corner allows for reordering the existing variants and all of their values.
4.  Then go into your products and set up the variants.
You save the variants such as shown below, then just add a price for each one and you're all set!
5.  Here is how it's visualized on a "live" website:
Examples of the different buttons:

Select option: – this type will sort the values of the parameter in a drop-down menu.
Radio button – this type will sort the values of the parameter as radio buttons.
Image sample – you can add different images for each value of the parameter. You can use this type if your product variations are from a different kind of material, etc.
Colour sample – this type of parameter will visualize all the values as colour samples. You can select the correct colour or write its HTML code for each value.