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Etsy is a global marketplace for unique and creative goods. This is the most popular e-commerce site for creative products and handcrafted products that follows the tradition of outdoor craft fairs. 

With the Etsy App you can offer your products in another market by easily synchronizing your Etsy products with those in your CloudCart store. You will be able to automatically upload your products from your online store to Etsy and vice versa. With just a few clicks, you can generate automatic transfers from both platforms of the products of your choice without having to manually upload the same information in two places. 

Installation and settings

1. To install Etsy in your store, go into your admin panel, section Apps > All Apps > Sale on Etsy and click the Install button.

To connect your store with Etsy, you first need to create an account if you do not already have one and create a store.

2. Continue with the Connect your CloudCart store with Etsy button in your admin panel. Enter your Etsy login data and then click Allow Access to allow access to your account, and go to the basic settings you need to make in your store panel.

3. Press the Configure button to set the main app settings:

  • In the first field, you need to select a store from Etsy (in case you have more than one) with which to link your account.
  • From the drop-down menu select a shipping method.
  • Select who has produced your products - you, collectively, or someone else.
  • Select year of production.
  • To be synchronized - with this option you can select your products to be synchronized by price, quantity, or quantity and price. If you do not want them to be synchronized, select "nothing." If synchronization is activated, price and/or quantities in the two stores will be synchronized once a week.
  • If your products require shipping, check the appropriate box.
  • Check the "Active" status box if you want the products you upload to be uploaded with "active" status.
  • If you want all the changes you make to the products in the control panel of your CloudCart store to be reflected in Etsy as well, check the appropriate box.

4. The next step is to synchronize the variants of your products from the corresponding button.

You can change the main settings at any time from the Configuration button.

Etsy can also be accessed from the Marketing > Sales channels > Sell on Etsy section.

Upload products

Once your store is linked to your Etsy account you can start uploading products from your CloudCart store to Etsy and vice versa, from your Etsy account to your online store. 

1. In the Save listings from Etsy section you see all products from your account, for which it is enough to select a category to which they will be assigned, then you can easily add them to your CloudCart store via the Add product in store button against each of the products.

In the Products section, you can see the uploaded products in your store. There is a small inscription on them which shows that they come from Etsy. 

2. To upload a product from your store to your Etsy account, click the Upload Listing in Etsy button, select the product you want and the category to which to assign it in Etsy from the drop-down menus:

You can upload more than one product at a time, the only condition is that the products you choose are from one category.

3. Synchronized products - in the section you can see all uploaded products from Etsy, as well as those you have uploaded from your store in Etsy. There are four subsections - all active products, all with inactive status, drafts, and expired products.

For each of the products, there is information about its category in Etsy, the status and until when it is valid. With the Sync button, you can manually synchronize your products between your CloudCart store and Etsy if you have recently changed some information in your product catalog (price, quantity). The information that will be synchronized depends on the settings you have configured in the app (the Configure button).

Each product can be deleted by checking it and selecting Delete from Tools.

Automatic synchronization of products occurs once a week.

This is all you need to do to start increasing your sales with Etsy now.