If you want your customers to be able to pay in your online store with their credit and/or debit cards, and you directly receive the money in your account, Cloudcart offers you the opportunity for easy and fast integration of virtual POS (VPOS) from Borica. This payment method is used by a number of profitable CloudCart online stores.

BORICA (BORICA) is a system for servicing payments on bank card transactions on the territory of the country, with a license issued by the Bulgarian National Bank. As a card system, BORICA provides acceptance of all payment cards issued on the territory of the country, as well as routing of authorizations with foreign cards to the international card schemes MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, Diners Club, Discover.

In this section

For even greater fraud prevention and high protection in real-time card transactions, Borica offers a new type of terminal called Way4It provides high reliability, security and flexibility. Gradually, all customers of the old system will have to move to the new environment. Therefore, we at CloudCart advise you to complete the procedure for switching to the new Way 4 terminal in Borica as soon as possible.

Request for a virtual POS terminal

To integrate this payment method, you must first enter into an agreement with your bank to issue a virtual POS terminal, if you do not already have one.

Transactions through the BORICA system are maintained by:

  • UBB (United Bulgarian Bank)
  • Central Cooperative Bank
  • Bulgarian-American Credit Bank
  • Investbank
  • Unicredit Bulbank
  • ProCredit Bank
  • Allianz Bank Bulgaria
  • Postbank
  • Texim Bank

For more information, please contact a consultant from your servicing bank.

Please note that in order to receive a virtual terminal, you must have a valid domain, an added SSL certificate, and have products uploaded to your site that meet the requirements of the bank. We also advise you to install the GDPR application. 


Once you have signed a contract, your bank will send you a unique 8-digit number (Terminal ID), which you need to enter in the appropriate field in the admin panel of your store.

1. Log in to your admin panel, Settings > Payments.

2. From the list of payment methods, select Borica Way 4 - Configure.

3. Enter the Terminal ID you received from your bank and press the Generate button.

4. In the next step you need to enter the Merchant ID you received from your bank.Save Customer Card - enable this option if you want when customers pay in your store to be offered the option to save their debit or credit card so that they can use it for future payments without having to enter each time the data from their card. This will facilitate and speed up the payment process. 

To take advantage of this functionality you need to request tokenization from your bank.

5. Click the Download button to download the real and/or test certificates from Borica. The file you need to download and send to the bank depends on the environment you are in. That is, if the Live mode button is on you will be able to download a real certificate request. If you have turned it off and you are in test mode, a test certificate request will be generated. Moving from one environment to another, you can download both files to get both a test and a real certificate.

Note that if for some reason you delete the entered data, you will need to start the whole Borica Way 4 configuration process from the very beginning.

6. Once you have downloaded the certificate request signature file/s, send it/them to your bank together with "return URL", EGW_SECURITY and EGW_TERM_GROUP 


Copy the information as you see it along with the quotes and send it to your bank. Important! Tell your bank that the signing scheme you use is MAC GENERAL. 

The MAC ADVANCED scheme will be available until 31.07.2023.

If the old MAC EXTENDED scheme is selected, you will receive an "Access denied" message when trying to make a transaction and the payment will fail.  

*The time for signing depends on the respective bank.

7. Once you have received a signed certificate from your bank, in the form of a ZIP file, you need to go back to your admin panel, Settings > Payments > Borica Way 4, and upload the file (without unzipping it) in the Borica Certificates section. When you upload a test certificate, turn off Live mode to display the Test Certificate field, and when you upload a real one, turn it on to upload it to the Real Certificate field.

When you receive a certificate from the bank (test or real) and apply it in the store, you may see the following error message when trying to complete the order:
This means that the certificate is not yet fully ready / processed by Borica and you need to try again later. Borica's processing usually takes place within the working day on which the certificates were sent to you. If you received them at the end of the day, they may be ready on the next day.

Another error you may get is that the real secret key and certificate do not match.

This means that the issued certificate does not match the private key that is stored in the online store. For the certification chain to be closed, the certificate, the private key and the request for a certificate must correspond. In this case, a request for issuance of a certificate is sent to the bank, and the request for signature can be sent to them again - csr.

8. In the Logo field, you can replace the Borica logo with a Visa / Mastercard logo so that your customers know that by choosing this payment method they will be able to pay with their debit or credit cards.

You can download a suitable photo here.

9. In the next section  Acceptance of payments based on the amount of the order , you can set a minimum and maximum order amount at which this payment method is active and visible to the customers when they choose this payment method.

10. In the last section Discount when paying with Borica Way4 you can give a discount (specific amount or percentage) to your customers to encourage them to use this method of payment.

Card payments reduce the risk of returning or cancelling the order, which is common when the customer chooses cash on delivery upon receipt of the goods.In addition, the possibility of damage to the goods during transport must be taken into account, especially if you are selling higher-value products. Therefore, we recommend that you encourage your customers to choose card payments with a small discount.

Test Mode

The Test mode button at the top, above the Download test.csr box, must be disabled if you want to use Borica WAY4 in a test environment in which to simulate transactions. As soon as you activate the button, you will start accepting payments through Borica from all your customers who have chosen to use this payment method.

Here we provide you with card numbers for payment tests:

5100770000000022 - for successful payment

4341792000000044 - for successful payment

5555000000070019 - for unsuccessful payment

5555000000070027 - for unsuccessful payment

5555000000070035 - for unsuccessful payment

4010119999999897 Response code = amount dependent

5100789999999895 Response code = amount dependent 3DS pass: 111111

*The cardholder's name, expiration date and CVV you enter do not matter.

Payment status

From the main menu in the Orders section, you can track the status of each payment.

1. From the list of orders placed in your store, select the one whose payment status you want to track. From the View more button, you can also see Borica's answer for the specific payment. If its response code is "00", it means that the payment was successful. If the status is "Approved", then it is approved.

2. The system also supports a reversal of card payments if necessary, which solves potential problems with rejected orders. The Refund button is used to send an automatic request to the bank for a refund to the customer. In such a case, the order's status changes to "Refund".

3. *Synchronize - do Not use this option, because, at this time, the payment synchronization is unavailable, and pressing this button may affect the payment of the order.  Everything else works correctly.

4. On the photo below you can see how the Merchant portal of Borica looks like. Once you have received an active virtual terminal, you have also received the access data to this portal. From this panel, you can track payments and their statuses, but not perform any actions.

Please note that if you edit / replace / add products that participate in already paid orders or change the applied discounts, this may lead to a discrepancy in the amounts. 


If you receive an "Access denied" message when you try to make a payment, a common reason is that you are not using the correct signing scheme. In this case, contact your bank and tell them that you need to use the new MAC GENERAL signing scheme, and they will make the necessary changes. 

Request the service

If you need assistance in setting up Borica's vPos, you can contact our team by requesting the service from the button below. We will take all necessary steps and activate this payment method for you.