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If you have an online store, no matter what platform it is on (SaaS, Open Source, or custom) and you want to migrate, the CloudCart team will take care of the whole process of transferring information from your old store to the new one in CloudCart. 

What does the service include?

✔ Analysis of your current online store and its structure; 

✔ Creating program code to extract the necessary information; 

✔ Automatic upload of categories, sub-categories, brands, varieties (characteristics - if possible), and complete product information (name, description, short price description, SKU, photos) via API; 

✔ Uploading your customer database - which you have accumulated over the years, if your old CMS allows it and provide us with the specific file for uploading the information you want; 

✔ Special software will download all the links indexed by Google, then will create in the new administrative panel 301 redirects from the old links to the new ones, so that you do not have 404 error pages. 

All products whose transfer is planned must be published/visible to the customers of the store before the start of the migration process. In case of feedback for missing items that were not published during the initial migration, the merchant will be charged again.

Up to 10% missing products due to various reasons are allowed.

When your store is already indexed by Google and you are at the forefront of search, it is very important when migrating, moving your store from one platform to another to maintain this positioning. For this purpose, we precisely download all indexed links from your current store and then upload them to the platform. What we can't do is download the links, which are links to the main categories and static pages. This is done manually after you, as a merchant, upload static pages. Once you provide us with the necessary information, we will redirect all links of your static pages. 

Please note that if not all static pages have been uploaded (by you), we will not be able to complete the entire task of redirecting the links correctly! Please upload all pages from your old store to the new one immediately after paying for this service.

Once you request the service, your key account will contact you for further questions before we begin the process of migrating your store. We will need access to the administration panel of your old store, as well as to FTP.

Updating information

If you, as a retailer, work with a distributor and want to migrate, we can take all the information from the distributor's store and upload it to your new store, updating it on a daily basis (stock, prices) and reflect any change in real-time, even if the reseller does not have XML, CSV, or API integration capability. This service is paid extra, depending on the number of products that have to be uploaded, as well as the structure of the distributor's online store. 

Request the service

You can contact our team by requesting the service "Store migration & 301 redirects" from the button below. We will take all necessary steps to migrate your online store.