Good communication with customers is essential for the successful management of any online business. That's why in the control panel of your CloudCart store we have integrated chat with one of the most used systems - FB Messenger. With the Messenger Chat application you will enable visitors and customers of your online store to contact you via Messenger (Facebook chat). 

What are the benefits of using Messenger Chat?

Facebook is leaving no stone unturned in expanding Facebook Messenger as an advanced business tool with chatbots, Messenger Ads, built-in NLP, and much more!

1. If your live chat support is unavailable, you have to ask the user to provide their contact information. But, in this case, even if your chat support is unavailable you can contact them through your Facebook Messenger.
2. Your chats will be stored on Messenger for the easy reference of your employees as well as your customers.
3. With chatbots, you can personalize your live chat for your customers to check out special offers or go to specific website pages.
4. Live chats do not help in receiving user's information if they abandon the chat midway. However, with this plugin, your potential customer will be in your messenger and you can retarget them later with your Facebook broadcast or ads.

Statistics show that users using chat exceed 1.3 billion.

Installation and Settings

1. To install the application, log in to the admin panel of your store, select Apps section> All Apps, and choose Messenger Chat.

2. In the window that opens, you must set the desired settings. In the Messenger chat section, choose how to display the chat on each page in your store: minimized or opened.

3. In the next two fields, write the names (titles) of the chat, if you want them to be different - in the first field for users who are not logged in to their Facebook account, and in the second for those who are.

4. In the next field you can choose a color for your chat.

5. Manage welcome message - enable this option if you want your users to receive an automatic greeting message when they start chatting. Click on the Manage Welcome Message to open a window to enter the message.

6. The last step is to connect your company's Facebook page with your store, which will be used for all applications related to Facebook. This is done by clicking the Facebook page settings button, located in the upper right corner of the screen.

In order for messenger chat to appear on your site, you must whitelist your domain in Facebook settings.
In the domains field, specify the domain of your store, once with, and once without www. Go to the My Store > Themes section and add the following code inside (in place of 123456789) in the Custom CSS/JS button: <meta name = "facebook-domain-verification" content = "123456789"/>
After saving your changes, wait at least 24 hours to attempt verification.