As most of you know a Domain name is a crucial part of your website. It can represent your brand, vision, and the "persona" of your business. The customers associate your domain directly with your product.

Adding an existing domain

1.  Go to Settings > Domains and click the Add existing button.
2.  Enter the name of the existing domain and click Submit.
3.  Follow the Existing domain setup steps:

Go to the registrar of your domain and point your A record to our IP address:
Keep in mind that it sometimes takes up to 48 hours for domain changes to take effect.

Managing domains

*  Change the status of the domain, by toggling the status button active or inactive.
*  Set a domain as primary, by clicking the Set As Primary button.
*  Get information about the date and time of the domain creation.

If you've purchased the domain name from CloudCart, you just need to make it your primary. Additionally, you'll have the additional option of controlling the DNS records. Don't hesitate to read more about it here.