Your online store needs a reliable shipping method through which the products ordered by your customers can reach them quickly. CloudCart offers you easy integration with one of the largest courier companies - Econt. All you have to do is to sign a contract with the courier company. The Econt integration gives you everything you need to manage both orders and deliveries directly from your CloudCart store's admin panel. Every order could be sent to the customer with just one click! Follow the steps below to succefully activate and set up this service. 

In this section:


General Settings

1. Go to the admin panel of your store, go to the Apps section and select Econt. In the first part of the settings, enter the data (Username, Password) from your Econt contract in the appropriate fields and press the button in the upper right corner to change the application to the On status.  

2. In the second section you can change the name and logo of the delivery method by selecting another file to upload.  

3. CloudCart will automatically fill in the data of your company, which Econt submits according to the contract signed between you. In the Sender details section, you must indicate the place where Econt will pick up the shipments. Choose whether the shipments will be picked up from the sender's address or from the address of the courier's office.  

Choose a type of service - to an office, to an address, or to a locker

In the next step, you need to select the pricing method for Service type to address, Service Type to office, or Service type to Locker from the drop-down menu. 

Service type to address:

Service type to office:

Service type to locker:

Important: When you enable "Delivery to a locker" customers will be able to select this option at checkout. If you have Google Maps integration enabled, then the map on the payment page will display possible vending machines that can be selected.

Expert Tip: You are able to offer different prices and conditions for the service type to address, service type to office and service type to locker. You can set a lower value for delivery to an locker or make it free over a certain amount, for example. 
By applying such marketing tricks you will be more flexible and competitive. This will attract more customers to place orders in your online store.

The fields for the settings of both types of delivery to address and to office, described below are the same:

  • Econt calculator - will automatically calculate each delivery according to the pricing conditions of Econt 
  • Econt calculator + Free delivery - will automatically calculate each delivery according to the pricing conditions of Econt and will automatically put free delivery above the amount of the order specified in the empty field  

  • Fixed amount for shipping estimated by cart total – choosing this type of service, you must manually fill in the value of the shipping according to the final price of the order.  

You also have the option to set different price conditions for different product categories. To do this, activate the button   ON/OFF.

  • Fixed amount for shipping estimated by the weight of the products – choosing this type of service, you must manually fill in the value of the shipping according to the weight of the order. Here you can also set different price conditions for different product categories by activating the ON / OFF button.  

  • Fixed amount for shipping estimated by cart total and weight of the products  – this type of service is a combination of the previous two:  

Fallback price

Fallback price - this is the "backup" delivery price. Through it, you allow your orders to be completed, even if the supplier's calculator does not work properly.
When activating this option, you must set a "Fallback" delivery price that will become active when needed. 

Shipping regions

In the next section, you can set the regions to which this shipping method applies or choose to apply globally from the ON / OFF button. If you turn off the button, from the drop-down menu you should select specific shipping regions that you have created in advance (in our help articles you can find out what geo zones and geo polygons are for and how to apply them correctly).  

This shipping method will be valid and will be visible to customers only for the specific region (s) for which you have chosen to apply. For customers who ordered from other regions, this shipping method will not be visible in the checkout.

Payment provider

Payment methods - in this section you can choose whether this shipping method is applied globally as it applies to all payment methods you have activated in your store (ON/OFF button) or to be applied only to certain payment methods (you can select those from the drop-down menu).  

Settings for receiving the shipment 

In the next section, you need to activate all the options you want to use for the automatic calculation of deliveries. All marked details will be displayed in the bill of lading of each order.  

  • The default weight for one item – If you have not added weight to any of your products, Econt will take into account the weight you enter in this box to calculate the shipping cost.  
  • Offices from countries  - select the countries that the customer will be able to choose. (countries are the ones where the courier operates)  
  • Enable cash on delivery – enable this option if you want customers to be able to pay on upon delivery. If this option is enabled, you must have the Cash on delivery payment method activated in the Settings > Payments section of your control panel.  
  • If Cash on delivery, add insurance - in case of cash on delivery you can also add insurance. This will increase the price for delivery according to the terms of Econt.  
  • Agreement  - from the drop-down menu, select the agreement you have with Еcont
  • Declared value - If you turn on the declared value option, you must enter an amount above which orders will be calculated with a declared value.   
  • Acknowledgment of receipt service added (may increase the shipping rate) – enable this option if you require a return receipt for the received order. This may increase the value of the delivery compared to the terms of Econt.  
  • Acknowledgment of receipt/Stock receipt service added - enable this option if you require a return receipt/stock receipt for the received order.
  • Enable SMS notifications  – включете тази опция, ако желаете, клиентите ви да получават SMS известие, щом пратката им е доставена в желания от тях офис.
  • Deliver invoice before payment of cash on delivery service added. (may increase shipping rate)  – enable this option if you want the supplier to submit an invoice first and then request the amount for the order. This can increase the shipping cost.  
  • Who pays the shipping cost  – here you must indicate whether the sender (you) or the recipient (customer) pays the delivery amount.  
  • Client number - enter your customer number from your contract with Econt.
  • Payout method (this would be taken into account when the delivery is paid by the sender) - choose a payout method ' cash or credit.
  • Inventory - turn on this option if you use the additional Econt service "Online sales without a cash register". An inventory of the products from the respective order will be automatically generated for each bill of lading.

The Online sales without a cash register service

*What is the "Online sales without a cash register" service?
This is an extremely useful Econt service designed for all online merchants using CloudCart and Econt services. With it, you can not only save on cash register costs and maintenance, but also avoid unnecessary accounting transactions and associated costs. As a merchant with a CloudCart store, you also guarantee faster shipment processing, compliance with all legal requirements and the ability to receive all payments by bank transfer.

What is the process?
You receive an order from a customer, send the shipment to an address or Econt office. The customer pays CoD, and Econt issues a receipt for you. Then the amount of the sale is transferred directly to your account. 

Anyone wishing to use the service must issue an invoice for each payment OR have a detailed description of the product when generating a waybill. (Turn on the "Inventory" option from the Settings for receiving the shipment described above). Just one of the two is enough. If both are submitted, Econt will take the invoice number.

  • Return package – enable this option if you want your customers to be able to return an already purchased item back with the courier service.
  • Automatically set order status to paid – enable this option if you want the order to be automatically marked as paid when there is information from Econt for cash on delivery.  

Synchronization of paid cash on delivery (Automatically set order status to paid) is a functionality with a certain limit depending on the subscription plan you use.  You have 50 synchronizations for the Business plan. This means that you will receive information about paid (50) CoD. For the Enterprise plan there are 500 synchronizations. Of course, you have the option to purchase additional packages that will allow you to continue to use this useful functionality.  

Important! However, keep in mind that after purchasing an additional package (Plan feature pack), you need to overwrite the app settings to activate the new limit.

See the available packages for Auto sync payouts from courier providers - Synchronizations here

  • Choose a content description  - from the drop-down menu you can choose what to include in the description of the shipment (SKU, Barcode, Product Name).  

Important! If you want to use Econtomat (for sending / receiving shipments) it is necessary to include this service in your agreement with Econt. Otherwise, the system will not allow orders to be placed with these devices. 

In the Additional Settings section, you need to choose whether to include the following options, which will apply by default to each order.  

Pallet shipment

If you are sending bulky and heavy loads, you can take advantage of the "pallet shipment" option. Activate from the appropriate button, then enter shipment dimensions. By default, the following dimensions 60x60x60 are entered, you can change them according to the loads you ship. 

You have the option to select specific categories or subcategories for which the "pallet shipment" option applies.

  • If you select a category that has subcategories that you also want to be included, simply select the main category. In the example below, such a main category is "Men's Clothes". All subcategories to it will also be included similarly. 
  • If you want to select only specific subcategories, without the main one, select only those.

  • If you do not select any category, it means that the pallet shipment option will apply to absolutely all categories.

After reviewing whether you have set the options above as you wish, you can save the changes. This will activate the integration with Econt and your customers will be able to easily and quickly finalize their orders in the store.  

Regarding the bills of lading that are generated according to the weight of the order:
- If it is over 50 kg. is a cargo shipment
- If it is less than 20 kg. and is from office to office is a postal item
- In all other cases, it's a parcel.