This discount allows you to make a promotion - the customer buys one and picks up another item, either with a reduced fee or free of charge.

How can I add the discount: Buy X Get Y?

1.  Go into your control panel > Markering > Discounts > Add a new Discount
2.  Choose the discount as shown below:
The menu inside looks like this:

3.  Discount name - You choose how to say your discount, for example, 50% off promotion.
4.  Discount condition - Here you choose the product the customer will buy and the discounted or free promotional product they will receive.

*You can choose the discount from the three displayed options, respectively Fixed Amount, Percentage (%) or Free Product.

5.  Client groups - In this option, you can choose whether the code will be active for all clients or only for specific groups. To select specific Customer groups, click in the empty box next to the group name.
6.  Date range - Here you choose the duration for Discount. It is mandatory to specify a start date by selecting it from the calendar. You have the option to specify an end date or leave Discount valid indefinitely.

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