Thanks to our keen technical team, CloudCart presents properties, which clients can use to filter the product groups on your website better. The product groups are interconnected by common criteria.

The difference between Product Properties and Variants

  1. Variants: They determine whether the concrete product has different variants, such as /Color, Size, etc/. If they exist on a product it is mandatory for the client to choose which Variant they want. Here you can read about them at length.

  2. Properties: Fundamentally, they differ from the Variants by being assigned to a category instead of the products themselves. Unlike the Variants, the Category Property is not being mandatory. They characterize the product and are visualized in the product catalog.

Creating a Property

Go into your control panel, from the menu choose Products > Category Properties > Add a new property
Inside you would see the following menu:

  1. Choose the name of the Property accordingly.

  2. Choose between the different available option types

  3. URL address, here you can leave the title automatically created upon adding the Name.

  4. Add the desired image on the Category Property Image. This image will help the clients visually distinguish the properties

  5. Assign this property to a category. For example, I have created a Category Property called Walnut and assigned it to Category Chairs.

  6. Add the values to this property: Here you add all property values (without limit). For example 29 inches.


Editing Values

Once the category property is created, the values can be edited through the button "Edit property values".
Within you would see each assigned value to the property and personalize it for convenience.


Assigning Properties to the Products

When you are all done with creating the Category Properties, please go to the products that you want to have a Property, from that particular Category.

  1. Go to a product and click on Set category specific properties.
  2. From within, you would set the values you, that the product has. Don't forget to publish changes
  3. Voila! Your different properties are now visualized within the desired product from that category.
Here, you can follow up on how to create a product!