ePay.bg is one of the most common payment methods in Bulgaria. ePay.bg is a payment processor that allows you to receive or make payments by credit, debit card or micro account. ePay.bg accepts Euros, US dollars and Bulgarian levs. 

ePay Configuration

1. To configure ePay.bg in your online store, go to the admin panel, Settings > Payments section and choose ePay.bg > Configure.

In the opened window you have to enter the required data:

2.You can change the name of the service or upload another image, which can help your customers know how they can pay (credit/debit card) by choosing this payment method.  

3. In the following fields, enter APP ID, Secret, and KIN 

  • APP ID - A unique identifier you should receive from ePay.bg
  • Secret -This is your ePay secret key provided by your ePay account  
  • KIN - This is your ePay customer number (KIN)  

Test Mode

Use the Test Mode to test the connection. Live Mode is for actual payment processing. Use the Live Mode when you have verified your credentials.

Live Mode

If it is turned On and the required information is filled in correctly, your customers will now be able to make credit card payments (processed by ePay.bg)  

After configuring the ePay section in your control panel, you need to log in to your ePay account and enter this address ->  

Please note that if you edit / replace / add products that participate in already paid orders or change the applied discounts, this may lead to a discrepancy in the amounts. 

Receive additional technical support 

If you need additional information or help regarding your ePay account, please consult ePay.bg Technical Support Center