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The design of your online store is essentially the first impression you make on your customers about what you are selling. We offer a range of beautiful and professional designs that will predispose customers to fall in love with you at a glance! Each design has its own specific elements and you can quickly choose the right one according to your product line.

Choosing a design

1.  Go into your admin panel > My Store > Themes

Here you will see all the professionally crafted paid and free designs that you can install for your online store.

Detailed information about paid premium designs can be found here.  

  • You can see the designs in the light of different types of products so that you can easily navigate the most appropriate look for your shop. You should be aware that as soon as you change the slider and banner images in your store, the design will look completely different. The structure of the homepage is one of the most important segments in building your design, so consider how you can create the homepage to be best suited to your online business.

  • We encourage you to use the View button on each of our designs to browse the demo store and see what sections the homepage has, how many banners and text boxes are positioned in the store. Note that you can configure or disable all of these sections from the Widgets section of the control panel. The templates are there as just samples. You can sell all products on all themes, there are no restrictions in that regard.

How do I change the design of my store?

You can change the design with any of the ones presented in this section, no matter when the last change was and no matter what subscription plan you use. All products, categories and settings of the store will remain the same and according to the design will change only their location in the appearance of the store.

Right next to the View button, you can see the Install one for each theme. You just click it, confirm and that theme would be activated in your shop.

Please note that your changes would be saved, so you can switch themes as much as your heart desires.

Can I edit the selected design?

Yes! You can edit the colors, fonts and images of each of the themes from the Theme Editor.

  • Changing colors

Choosing colors for your website is very important. It is good to follow the established brand line if you already have one. It is best to create a palette composed of compatible color combinations and built on complementary or opposite colors. It all depends on the products and the type of your business. 


From the admin panel of your store you can change the colors of the entire design from Theme Editor > Settings > Colors.

The colors of each element of the selected theme (design) can be edited - main colors, the colors of the header, footer, title bar, the colors of all elements of the slider, the list of products, tags, cart, text boxes, buttons, promo bar and many others. When you change one of the colors, you will see in real time what the new color looks like applied to the selected element. From the Save button, you can confirm the change.

  • Changing fonts

Choosing a font is also essential to the design of your store. A properly chosen font can considerably increase the readability of your website and improve the overall customer experience. When choosing a font, you need to consider the way in which the too thin and serif fonts would be displayed on the various devices. Some of the most modern and appropriate fonts you can choose from are Open Sans, Montserrat, Roboto, Lato.

Some of the older themes may not support the font editing option.

From the Theme Editor > Settings > Fonts section you can change the main, and secondary font, their weight, sizes and style. 

In addition, you can change the font of the different titles, buttons and products in the listing:

At the bottom left you can see what your store looks like on different types of devices - tablet, phone or desktop computer. 

Be bold to achieve the perfect corporate identity for your online business!