The Delivery Time application gives you access to extremely useful functionality - the ability to specify the day and time for the delivery of goods ordered by customers.

In this section:


1. To install the application, go to your admin panel, Apps section> All apps, and select Delivery time app.

This app requires payment.

2. In the window that opens, enter your invoice details, add a payment method, in the Discount Code field, enter a code, if you have one, and click the Pay Now button to make a payment.


1. In the first field, set the number of days which can be booked in advance - how many days in advance to show as possible options.

2. Delivery time in product categories - if you enable this option from the ON / OFF button, it means that you will be able to set time intervals for certain categories. If you sell products that require additional processing time before shipping, we recommend using this functionality. For example, if you offer party items but also sell cakes, you can add an additional time interval to the order category to complete the order.

3. To save the settings, be sure to press the Save button.

4. To set additional settings for the various delivery methods, the application prompts you to go to the Shipping section from the HERE button. The Delivery Days button will appear on each manually set delivery method. Click on it.

5. Click the Create New Day button located in the upper right corner of the screen to create delivery time intervals for different days. Customers can choose these delivery intervals to be visited by a courier.

6. Select a day and set the desired time interval in which deliveries will be made. In the next field, you can specify the maximum number of orders that you can deliver in this time interval, ie when this number is reached, customers will no longer be able to choose this time interval for delivery.

7. In the Interval field, enter the time interval. For example, if you set 12 hours and turn on the Start button from ON / OFF, this means that 12 hours will be counted from the start time of the delivery slot (14:00), if this button is off, it will be counted from the end time of slot (17:00). If there is an interval of 12 or more hours from the moment the order is placed, it means that customers can choose this time slot for delivery when they go to the checkout.

8. From the Add new row button you can add more time slots that customers can choose to receive the ordered goods.

Delivery in product categories

If you have enabled this option in the initial settings, you can set an additional time interval for selected categories to be added to the Interval of each created time slot you have created.

1. To add such technological time to a certain category, it is necessary to go to the Products > Categories section and select the desired category.

2. In the Technological delivery time in hours field, specify the hours to be added to the interval of each created time slot when ordering a product in this category.

The condition for technological time for delivery in hours applies only to the specific category. If this category has sub-categories, they will not accept these settings.


You have the option to add exceptions - specific days on which you do not fulfill orders. This is useful if, for example, you do not want to make deliveries during the holidays. The days (dates) you select will not be offered as delivery options to customers. To enter such an exception, go to Settings> Shipping, select a shipping method > Delivery Days button, and click the Exceptions button in the upper right corner of the screen.