The CloudCart platform now allows you to upload 360 ° photos and video content to the product details page. The new functionality gives you the opportunity to add two additional elements - an interactive photo that customers can "rotate" and view the product from all sides and video content, through which you can add even more value to the product you sell and provide your users with even more information.

Very often this type of 360 ° photos and videos in the detailed page of the product, in addition to standing well on the page, retain the interest of customers and encourage them to buy the product.

Upload a 360 ° image

360-degree photos are a series of photos that, combined, show the product from all sides. To upload such a photo on the detailed page of a product, you need to have a series of photos taken specifically for this purpose. 

Log in to your admin panel > Products section, select the product to which you want to add a 360 ° photo or add a new one from the Add product button. In the opened window, in the Image manager field select the icon for adding 360-degree images

You can upload a collection of up to 36 images to create a new 360-degree image. Click the Select Images button and upload the photos you want. Do not close the window until all images have been uploaded. Save the changes from the Save button. 

Users will see the uploaded image in the store as follows and will be able to rotate it in all directions to view it: 

Upload video content

To upload a video to the detailed page of a product, log in to your admin panel > Products section, select the product to which you want to add a video, and in the opened window in the Image manager field content select the icon for adding a video:

In the window that opens, add the code (link) to the video and click the Save button. 

You can change the order of videos and photos by drag & drop. 

The uploaded video will be displayed on the product detail page. The video loads automatically, so when the customer views the product and comes across the video, they won't have to click on it to launch, and content playback will start automatically. 

Always consider the size of the photos and videos you upload so that the page itself does not load too slowly. The maximum size for a 360 ° image is 1000 pixels. 

This is all you need to do to upload additional multimedia content to a product's detailed page so that your customers get a more detailed and complete picture of your product.