Since CloudCart is a SaaS-based platform, it provides you with a ready-to-use set of Widgets that are situated throughout your site. This makes it a lot easier for customers when browsing your website, as it's important for the desired products on your store to be accessible with just a few clicks! Here is how you can manage and personalize your Product catalog efficiently.

Using the Product Widget

In your control panel, click on My Store > Widgets > Products > Product listing settings

1.  Details
Show wish list - if this option is enabled, customers will see an icon below each product, with which they can add products to the 'Favorites' section of their account.

Show Compare products - if this option is enabled, customers will see an icon under each product that will allow for comparison with another product. The product comparison will take into account their categories and the characteristics of the categories if the compared products have values of such characteristics.

Show Price - If this option is active, the price of each product would be visualized into the product lists.

Show the "Add to cart" button - if this option is enabled, the purchase button for each product will be displayed in the product lists.

Show "Quick view" button - if this option is enabled, a magnifying glass icon will be displayed in the center of the image of each product so that customers can open the product details in a popup window and remain on the same page.

Show Hide SALE Label - if this option is enabled, any products for which a discount is created will have a "Sale" label displayed on your image.

*Show Hide Featured Label - if this option is enabled, any products that they have marked as recommended in the control panel will have a "Featured" label displayed on their image.

*Show a short description - if this option is enabled, the created short description underneath each product would be visualized.

*Show out of stock products - if this option is enabled, all product lists will also include the products that are not available. If you turn off the option, any product no longer available will automatically hide from the product lists in your store.

*Show mark out of stock products - if this option is enabled, the products that are unavailable would appear on the detail page.

*Show out of stock products in the end of the list - if this option is on, all products that are unavailable will be displayed on the last page.

2.  Add 'order by' options

If all options in this menu are switched on, your customers would be able to rearrange all products within your online store. They would be able to choose whether they see those that are on Sale, Featured, by date of addition or by name and price in ascending or descending order.

Manual sort: After activating Manual sort from the Product listing settings, go to the Products section and open the product you want. In the lower right corner of the product you can arrange manually your product catalog, all you need to do is fill in a sorting number. Remember: The smaller the number of the product, the further ahead it will appear in your product catalog!

3.  Filters for the product listing page

Using this option, you would be able to manage which filters in the sidebar of the product listing would be available for usage by your customers.

4.  Product listing settings

As compared to the sections highlighted here, your customers will see filters in the side menu to see the products they want in your store in each product category or listing.

In the Product Catalog Settings section, you can control how the products are sorted by default in your catalog and in each product category.

5.  Product price ranges and Per page options

You can use the two last sections from the Widget to determine the price range and what options would be visible to your customers.

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