Smart Collections are the easiest way to unite all kinds of products in one main group. You could use them to create promotions or main groups with products you would like to be highlighted for a reason. 

We created Smart Collections so that you don’t need to enter each and every product and change its settings and characteristics. You can combine all products that are different from each other but have something in common – for example, your Important Discounts or Promotions.

Adding Smart Collections

Log into your admin panel and go to My Store > Smart Collections > Click Add
1. Type the name of the Collection in the empty field below Title. Writing the Collection Name will automatically fill the URL handle (the site address) on the right side of the screen.

2.  SEO page title - Write the SEO page title in the input box under SEO Title.

3. SEO meta description - Write the SEO meta description in the input box.

The SEO title and description preview how your website will be listed in Google search.

4. Click on Add Criteria.

5. Select the parameters of the products you would like to add to the collection from the drop-down menu. Selecting each of these criteria:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Discount ID
  • Brands
  • Tags
  • Price
  • Digital products
  • Sale
  • New
  • Category Property

This will open another dropdown menu, where you should choose if the selected parameter is included in the criteria values. For example, you choose the criteria Categories to be Dress:
In the case of the image above, all products from Category Dress will be included in this Collection.7. After choosing all the products, you want to include, click Save.

If you use the Smart Collection for discount or promotion, we advise you to add quickly a discount for it and link it in the Header Navigation Menu, so that your customers would not resist to your amazing promotion. Here is a more detailed article that will help you grasp the potential of using product collections in your store.

Managing Smart Collections

On this page, you can quickly add/remove or review the main information for each created Smart Collection.

  • Name of the Smart Collections
  • URL address of the Smart Collections
  • Amount of criteria in each of the Smart Collections
  • Criteria –  from the button at the end of each row, you can see every parameter and its values included in the Collection.

You can also search for a collection by keyword or URL from the "search" bar.