Adding unique titles and descriptions to your store pages improves your website optimization, user experience, and clickthrough rate. With CloudCart you can create unique titles (the title of the page that appears in the browser when browsing) and a meta description for each of the sections in the store - home page, contacts, products, brands and blog. 

Log in to your control panel and go to Marketing section > SEO > Meta Information.

Settings of Meta titles and descriptions

1.  Section Home

In this section you will be able to optimize the Meta title and description of the Home page of your site:  2.  Contacts
In these fields enter your contact details:
3.  Products

In this section, you can give more Meta information about your products:

With the SEO Spinner app you can create truly unique meta titles and descriptions of products. See how here. 

4.  Vendors

In this section, you can specify the brands whose products you offer:
5.  Blog
Here you have to give more information about your blog content:

Meta titles and descriptions can significantly help the popularity of your site and facilitate its detection by users.