Activating the Instagram app with your online store would help you show your activities in the social network. Now you can connect your online store with Instagram in order to automatically visualize photos from your Instagram profile on your store. By doing this, you can easily acquire new followers. Just follow these simple steps described below.

How do I connect the App?

1.  Enter your control panel and open the Apps section. Choose Instagram and click on Install.
2. Click on Connect to Instagram in order to enter your credentials and then click on Authorize, so that you allow the access to your Instagram account.
After connecting your store to your Instagram account, you should set which photos and where would you like them to be shown. Use the following settings:

3.  Global settings
If you activate this section, your Instagram photos will automatically be visualized at each and every page of your store. According to your product catalogue, you should assess which photos are appropriate to be seen on each page of your store.
If you activate the last Show images in product's detail page option the options you’ve set here will be visualized on the detailed page of each product. If you’d like the products on the product’s detail page to be different from the ones on each page of your store, you should set the following options in the Product settings field.

4. Products settings
Turn this section ON if you’d like the images on the product’s detail page to be different from the ones you’ve set in the Global settings field above.
You can use the following options and set them for each of the fields above:

  • Section title – this title will be visible above all the images you’d like to show from you Instagram account 
  • Choose sorting order – use the drop-down menu to choose by the suggested filters which of your Instagram photos would be visible on your store 
  • The limit of the images – choose the count of images that will be shown on your store 
  • Images per row – choose how many images per row will be shown 
  • Show information about the image (description, comments and likes count) – if you activate this option, the description, comments and likes count from Instagram will be visible under each and every image