Instagram is one of the key channels for achieving brand awareness. In your CloudCart store, you have the option to install the Instagram application, through which you can share selected photos from your social network account in a specific section of your store. This way, users of your site will be able to see and engage with the content of your Instagram account, as well as follow your page. You can preview your Instagram profile photos on your product details page, landing page, or homepage.

App activation

To use Instagram you need to register on the platform, as well as create a Facebook business account.

1. Log in to your admin panel and select Apps > Instagram from the menu and click the Install button.
2. To activate the Instagram application, you need to have a FB business account with which to connect your store.
Once you have clicked the Connect with Facebook button and gone through the steps to complete the configuration successfully, from the drop-down menu you need to select the Facebook page that will be used for all applications, including Instagram, connected to Facebook, and press the Save button.


Once you've completed the steps above, it's time to set up options for which Instagram business account photos to display automatically in your store.

1. Global settings - if you enable this option, a section (similar to the product windows) will be displayed on each page of your store with photos from your Instagram account. Depending on your business and product catalog, it's a good idea to consider which photos from your account to see on each store page.

  • Section title - The text you enter in this field will be visible above any images you choose to display from Instagram in your store.
  • Choose a sorting order - from the drop-down menu here you can choose which images to display and how to sort them: according to Instagram, newest / oldest, most liked / least liked, most commented / least commented, etc. 
  • The limit of the images - Select the maximum number of images to display in your store. The maximum number you can set is 20.
  • Images per row - select how many photos to display per line.
  • Show information about the image - If you enable this option, it means that the description of the photos, as well as the number of likes and comments, will also be displayed in your store.
  • Show images in the product's detailed page - if the option is enabled, the photos from Instagram will be visible in the detailed pages of the products.

2. Product settings

Enable this option if you want to see different images from your Instagram account on the detail page of each of your products, other than the ones you set up in the Global Settings above.

That's all you need to do to activate the Instagram app, and the images you select from your social network account will now be visible in your store.