DHL (Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn) International is originally a German logistics company that has become a leader in express international shipments. DHL ships more international shipments than anyone, serving 3 continents: Asia, Europe, and America. The company delivers over 1.3 billion shipments annually. Thanks to the technical team, CloudCart was successfully integrated with DHL Express, and you are free to take advantage of their delivery services.

How do I set up DHL?

1. Go into your account, select Apps > All Apps > DHL, and click the Install button.
2. Then you will see the login homepage of the application:

In order to receive login information, you need to have an agreement with DHL. They will provide you with the login details you need in order to get into the module.

Module settings

After entering the Module, you will see the following settings:

1. Login Details, Vendor Name, and Logo:

2. Sender Data and Types of Service

  • Sender Data - Your data will be entered here - Name of Individual and Legal person, telephone number, address, and postal code.
  • Types of Service - Here are the types of deliveries you would like to use

3. Service type and Shipping regions

  • Service type - Here you choose how the shipping price would be formed. You can choose from the following options according to your wishes:

  • Fallback price - this is a backup shipping price. Through it, you allow your orders to be completed, even if the vendor's calculator does not function properly. When you enable this option, you must set a "Fallback" shipping price that will become active if needed.

  • Shipping regions - The regions you want the selected method to serve. They are set to be Global by default. You can customize the countries/areas as you deem fit.

4. Settings for receiving the shipment:

  • The default weight for one item - If you have not added a default weight for a product, the system will add the weight you entered into this field.
  • Default width, height, and depth for one item - You can enter specific parameters here if your products have special features.
  • Package type by default - You can enter specific packaging here if you need one. You can leave the box as Your packaging or select one of the following options:

  • Delivery boxes - Here you would enter all options for the size of the boxes that you would use for the deliveries.
  • Currency - You can select the desired currency from this option.

If any of the following options are enabled, it will be visible when you Fulfill products.

  • Printing label size - You can choose an option from the drop-down menu

Does shipping method allow insurance - With insurance available, you can include this option, but the shipping cost may be increased.

Shipping cost is included in an invoice - A setting that determines whether the courier service, at the expense of the recipient, is added as a value in the receipt of the goods (invoice) or displayed with value in the name of the item and zero price.

5. Click on Save and you are all set.