If you want your customers to be able to pay in your online store with their credit and/or debit cards, while you receive the money directly into your account, CloudCart gives you the option to quickly and easily configure a virtual POS (VPOS) by UBB in your online store. To do this, follow the steps below. 

Request for issuance of a virtual POS terminal

To integrate this payment method, you need to first sign an agreement with the bank for the issuance of a virtual POS terminal.

Please note that to receive a virtual terminal you need to have a valid domain, added an SSL certificate, as well as have uploaded products to your site that meet the requirements of the bank. 

We also advise you to install the GDPR app, which aims to automatically introduce most of the regulatory requirements. Through the app a few important documents will be installed, which will handle the legal relations with the customers and visitors of your online store.


After you have signed an agreement, UBB will provide you with a resource file, which you need to upload in the Settings section in the appropriate field.

1. Log into your admin panel, go to section Settings > Payments.

2. From the list of payment methods, choose UBB - Configure.

3. In the field Name of the service, you can place a text that hints to your customers that they will be able to pay with their debit or credit cards by choosing this method. For example: 'Payment with credit/debit card'.

4. In the field Logo, you can also upload a different image/logo.5. In the next section, Settings, upload the Resource file the bank provided you with to verify the payment method.

6. In the next field, from the drop-down menu, choose the payment method you will use - direct sale or authorization + capture. The method of payment depends on the setting of the terminal by the bank.

7. In the next section, Acceptance of payments based on the amount of the order, you can set a minimum and maximum amount of the order, upon which this method of payment will be active and visible to the customer when he chooses this payment method.

8. In the last section, Discount when paying with UBB, you can give a certain discount (specific amount or percentage) to your customers to stimulate them to use this payment method.

Please note that if you edit / replace / add products that participate in already paid orders or change the applied discounts, this may lead to a discrepancy in the amounts.