UBB is a payment method that allows both private individuals, as well as businesses, to accept payments over the Internet. UBB widely-used as a payment method that meet the needs of all types of businesses.

Configuring UBB as your payment method

Go into your admin panel > Setting > Payment > UBB > click on Configure.

Once in the UBB menus open you would need to place your settings within the pop up:

The Logo and Name of the service can be changed. Both would be visible to your clients.

IFRAME is the option for the method to appear on the side panel as a pop-up. This option is currently in BETA form. The method can be configured, regardless of this option being activated.

The Resource file is what is needed from the provider UBB, in order for the payment method to be verified. Once you upload it click Save from the upper right-hand corner and you are all set!

In order for the payment method to become active within your site, make sure to retrieve the Resource file from the provider in question: UBB.