Your online store needs a reliable delivery method, through which the products your customers ordered can reach them quickly. CloudCart offers you an easy integratioin with one of the largest courier companies - Speedy. All you have to do is sign a contract with them. Through the integration with Speedy you will have everything you need to manage both your orders and deliveries only from the administrative panel of your CloudCart store. It will be possible for every order that enters your store to be sent to the customer with a single click! Follow carefully the steps below to activate and set up successfully this service.

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1. Go to the Administrative panel of your store, enter the Apps > All Apps section, and choose Speedy.
2. In the first part of the settings, enter the data (Username, Password) of your contract with Speedy in the appropriate fields and press the button in the upper right corner so that the application changes to On status.
3. CloudCart will automatically fill in your company data, which Speedy gives based on the contract you signed with them. In the section Sender data, you need to specify the place where Speedy will pick up the shipments from. Choose whether the shipments will be picked up from the sender's address (your address) or the courier's office.
4.  In the next step, you have to choose the Types of services, which you will allow Speedy to use for your deliveries.

Depending on the starting and ending point of a delivery Speedy defines which of its services to use for the completion of a certain delivery. Every service at Speedy has different pricing according to the weight of the shipment, the address and time of delivery. When you switch on more of Speedy's services, your customers will be able to see and choose which service to use for their delivery. 

The most commonly used services are Economy, Express, City courier - 2days and Speedy mail. 

If you have only one service set up, for example, 'Economy', and one of your customers sets a delivery address for which Speedy uses the 'City courier - 2 days' service, upon order completion, the customer will receive a message 'A Speedy service to handle your delivery was not found'. That is why we recommend that you put all or almost all services that Speedy provides.'

Choose a type of service - to an office, to an address, or to a locker

5. In the next step you must choose the pricing method, here you have the following options: Type of delivery service to an address, Type of delivery service to an office, or Type of delivery to a Locker accessible in a drop-down menu. You can turn on or turn off these options from the ON/OFF button.

Service type to address:

Service type to office:

Service type to locker:

Important: When you enable "Delivery to a locker" customers will be able to select this option at checkout. If you have Google Maps integration enabled, then the map on the payment page will display possible vending machines that can be selected.

Expert tip: You have the ability to offer different prices and conditions for the services Delivery to an address, Delivery to an office, or Delivery to a locker. You can set a lower value of the delivery to an locker or to make it free above a certain amount for example.
By applying such marketing tricks you will be more flexible and competitive. This will attract more customers who will make orders in your online store.

Fallback price

The fields for setting the types of delivery - to an address and, an office or a locker, described below, are identical: 

  • Speedy calculator – automatically will calculate every delivery according to Speedy's pricing conditions.

*Fallback price for delivery - this option is a backup delivery price. Through it, you allow your orders to be completed even if the calculator supplier does not function properly. When this option is activated, you have to create a 'Fallback' price, which will become active if necessary. 

  • Speedy calculator + handling fee – automatically will calculate every delivery according to Speedy's pricing conditions and will automatically add the handling fee, which you have specified in the blanc field. Your customers will see the sum of the two amounts as a price of delivery
  • Speedy calculator + free delivery –  automatically will calculate every delivery according to Speedy's pricing conditions and will automatically put free delivery for every order above a certain amount specified by you in the empty field

In the field 'Free city delivery to address', you must specify through which Speedy service you want to implement the city deliveries, which will be free for customers. In the field 'Free intercity delivery', you must specify through which Speedy service you want to implement intercity deliveries, free for customers. The same holds true for the last field 'Free international delivery'. In the field for the minimum value of the order, set the minimum amount of the order for which the delivery will be free.  

  • Fixes shipping rate calculated by the amount at the checkout manually fill in– choosing this type of service, you must fill in manually the value of the delivery you want your customers to pay according to the price of the order they complete. In the example below, all orders with a price of up to 150 euro will be with fixed delivery of 10 euro, while all orders above 150 will be with free delivery. In this case, the Speedy calculator for delivery calculation will not be taken into account to form a delivery price to your customers.  

Fixes shipping rate calculated by the weight of the products – choosing this type of service, you must manually fill in the delivery value, which you want your customers to pay according to the weight of the order that they complete. In the example below, the delivery for your customers will be with a fixed delivery of 5 euro for all deliveries that weigh up to 10 kg. and with the price of 15 euro for all deliveries that weigh between 10 kg. and 50kg. 

  • Fixes shipping rate calculated by the price and weight of the products – this type of service is a combination of the previous two: 

Depending on the pricing method you have chosen, you have the ability to set different pricing conditions for the different product categories. Turn on the ON button, choose the range of the order, the value of the delivery, and the category to which this condition will apply. 

Shipping Regions

6. In the next section, Shipping regions, you can set the regions for which this delivery method will apply or choose to apply it globally from the button ON/OFF Make it Global. If you turn off the button from the drop-down menu, you need to choose specific regions for delivery, which you have created in advance (in our help articles, you can learn what the geo zones and geo polygons are for and how to apply them properly).

This method of delivery will apply and will be visible to the customers only for the specific region/s, for which you have chosen to apply it. For customers who have ordered from different regions it will not be visible in the checkout when they choose a delivery method of the ordered goods. 

7. Payment methods - in this section you can choose whether this method of delivery will apply globally to all payment methods that you have in the store (you activate this with the ON/OFF button) or should apply it only to specific payment methods (you can choose them from a drop-down menu). ,

Settings for receiving the shipment  

8. In the next section, Settings for receiving the shipment, it is necessary that you activate all options, which you want to be used in the automatic calculation of deliveries. All marked details will be displayed in the bill of lading of each order.

Special delivery requirements – These are options you can add from your account in Speedy when necessary. 

Options before payment – from the drop-down menu, you can choose whether to allow test or opening of the shipment before payment. In the example above testing is allowed before payment. ,

Default weight for one item – if you have not added weight to any of your products, Speedy will consider the weight, which you enter in this field, to calculate the delivery price.

Default Width, Height, Depth for one item – These options are important if your products are large in volume because the delivery price will increase according to the size of the parameters. 

Package type by default – The information is used to be written in the bill of lading. For example: Envelope or Carton. You can indicate several packages or cartons as well. For example: 1pc. Note that without a standard packaging (envelope, carton or piece) a bill of lading cannot be generated.

Delivery boxes – Here, you can enumerate boxes if you have specific ones. 

Who pay the shipping cost – Here, you choose whether the Recipient, the Sender, or a Third Party will pay the delivery. These parameters will be taken into account only if there are no others set by your store.

If the delivery parameters exceed the specifically set ones, the delivery price will change to the one set by default by the Supplier.  

Important! When the shipment is headed for abroad, the payer of the courier service is always the sender!

Enable cash on delivery – with this option, you activate the option 'Cash on Delivery'.

Back documents request– turn on the option if you expect a document to confirm the received shipment from your customers.

Back receipt request – turn on the option if you expect a back receipt from your customers.

Money Transfer - if you turn on this button, you will activate the function 'Money Transfer'.

Important! If the option Money Transfer is selected, CloudCart's integration with Speedy WILL not add the fee for Cash on Delivery to the price of the overall order. The reason for this is that the postal money transfer is a complementary service of Speedy, which is not submitted as a value to CloudCart's system. 

Use Speedy printer instead – enable this option if you have such a device provided by Speedy.

Does shipping method allow insurance – enable this option if you want the products you send to be insured during the time of delivery. This will increase the price of delivery according to Speedy's conditions. 

Document shipment – enable if the shipments will always contain only documents.

Automatically set status order to paid – enable this option if you want the order to be automatically marked as paid when in Speedy's platform there is feedback about the delivery with cash on delivery. 

The synchronization of paid cash on delivery (Automatic marking of an order as paid) is a functionality with a certain limitation depending on the subscription plan you use. For Business plan you have 50 synchronizations. This means you will receive information about (50pcs.) paid COD. For Enterprise plan there are 500 synchronizations. Of course, you have the ability to buy additional packages, which will allow you to use this very useful feature. 

Important! Keep in mind though that after buying an additional package (Plan feature pack), to activate the new limit you have to rewrite the settings in the app. 

See the available packages for Synchronizing of paid cash on delivery here.

Choose a content description - from the drop-down menu you can choose what the description of the package should include (SKU, Barcode, Name of the Product).  

Submit product sizes - if this option is enabled, this means that the sizes of the products will be submitted and Speed will calculate and consider their volume weight. Every product in the shopping cart will be marked as different shipping. The maximum number of shippings for one order is 10 pcs. 

Press the Save button to save your settings. Your store is now connected with Speedy's database. 

Generating a waybill

When you prepare a waybill, you can change the sender's address:

Speedy specifics

If you get the following message when generating the bill of lading: 

This means that the daily limit of the supplier has been reached. We recommend you to get in touch with Speedy or to wait 24 hours before you generate the bill of lading.