CloudCart lets you apply your marketing skills and strategy, creating different types of Discounts. You can quickly create Promotional Discount Codes (Vouchers) for your customers who will shop even more with them. You can choose whether the discount is related to specific products, different categories, or the final amount of each order.

Creating a Discount with a promo code

1. Go into your control panel > Marketing > Discounts > Discount with promo code
2. Once you've chosen the discount type, you need to configure the settings accordingly:
3. Fill in the Discount name in the blank box. (The name will only be visible in your account)

4. Click on Generate code and the code that will be generated automatically is the one you would need to provide your customers with. You can click on Generate code as many times as you like until you are satisfied with the random code that is provided.

5. On the Discount type, select:

    Fixed Amount: This is the exact amount that will be deducted from the pricing of the product. Write     down the exact value in the blank box next to your Store's currency.

    Percentage%: This is the exact percentage that will be deducted from the pricing of the product.

    Free shipping: This option allows for the discount to be free shipping.

6. Discount target: Here is where you would need to define whether you want the discount to target all orders or just order over a set amount.

7. Customer groups: Choose all groups or pick a specific one, where the discount will be applied.

8. Regions: This option allows you to filter for which countries do you want the order to be made available.

9. Date range: Here is where you specify the start date and the end date of the discount or set no expiration.

10. Discount limits: You can choose to limit the discount for a fixed number of uses.

If a discount limit is set, a promo code is marked as used according to the status of the order. The statuses that mark a promo code as used are: Paid, Fulfilled, Completed. If the order has different statuses, there will be no restriction on the use of the promo code.