CloudCart's "Quick Order" functionality allows customers to shop at your store just by adding their email address. The order button is displayed on the detail page of each product.

Why use "Quick Order"?

This option will help you increase the number of completed orders in the store, and will especially help those customers who have difficulty filling their checkout or do not have the desire/time to do so. However, putting all these benefits aside, quick orders are more difficult to process because you need to contact each customer to get detailed order information.

How to configure Quick Order?

1. Go into your control panel > Apps > All Apps > Quick Order
2. Open the App and install it accordingly
3. Then the following menus would be revealed

  • Activate the Quick Order application using the ON / OFF button.
  • In the application configuration, you have the option to choose what information the customer requires when ordering. I encourage you to include all three options: Require phone, name, and last name in order to get more customer information, which will be mandatory when submitting your order.
  • The button titles can also be changed here, however, thоse fields are mandatory.
  • Lastly, you can change the name of the Facebook Pixel event when the customer starts/ends the fast order.

4.  Following the settings, there are options for changing all the text in regards to the App.

  • Text to tell users what is a "Fast Order" allows you to customize the initial massage that appears to clients.
  • The text that will be displayed after the order is finished, changes the text that appears to the customer after a successful order.

5.  Once activated, the Quick Order would appear within each product as such:

Here you can find complete information about your cart settings where you choose the required documentation for consent when completing an order.