Local Pickup is a really useful application for any merchant who, in addition to an online store, also has physical ones. The application has two main dimensions. The first is that it allows the customers of the online store to pick up and pay for the goods at a specific physical place, which is represented by the respective store. 

Its other application is that it allows merchants to present what stock they have of certain products at different locations. Customers have access to information about where a product can be found - whether online, whether in a physical store A, B, and/or C. With Local Pickup app you can add unlimited physical locations of your stores.

In this section:

App Installation

1. To install the app, log into your admin panel, go to the App section, All apps > Local Pickup, and hit the Buy button.

This application requires payment on an annual basis. 

2. After you have made a successful payment click on the Installation button.

The installed app could be accessed in the Settings section > Others, at the bottom of the menu under Delivery boxes.

3. In order for your customers to choose from which place to pick up and pay for their products you need to add a physical store. Click on the Add a Store button in the upper right corner of the screen.

4. In the window that opened add the name of your store. The URL will be filled in automatically when you enter the store's name. 

5. Enter Store location. To use the map feature and you have to enable the Google Maps API key in your store. Otherwise, you should enter the address manually.

6. In the next section you should enter your contact information - email address, phone number, and your store working hours:

7. In the last section you have to fill in your store SEO meta description and Seo page title

There is no limit of the number of the stores you will add. You may have 1, 2, 5, 10, 20.


After you save the settings from the Save button your store will be active and visible in the store listing:

Enable Local Pickup as a payment method

When a customer is at the checkout process he has to choose from the different payment methods you have set up in your store. To give your customers the option to pay at the store when they pick up their goods you must activate this payment method in your online store. 

Go to the Settings section > Payments and choose Pay at store > Configure

This option will become available after the app installation.

In the window that opened you can set some specific conditions for this payment method like "acceptance of payments based on the amount of order" or "Discount when paying at the store" or just enable this payment method by hitting the Save button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Configure Local Pickup as a shipping method

1. Go to Settings section > Shipping and click on Add shipping method button. Select Local Pickup.

2. In the opened window enter the name of the service. It could be Local Pickup, Choose a store from the list, or whatever you want. 

3. As a payment provider choose which payment method will serve this delivery method. After you have set pay at a store payment method you will be able to choose it here from the list or enable all payment methods.

4. In the Store section you have to select which of your stores (if you have many) is able to accept orders. 

Checkout experience

After you have configured the Local pickup app, your customers can choose between Ship and Pick up at a store in the Shipping method section of the checkout process. 

Customers will see the Pick up option only if all the products in the shopping cart are eligible for pick up and are available in inventory at a pick up location. Customers cannot choose to have some items shipped and other picked up on the same order. Instead, they have to place separate orders.

In the checkout process, the customer can choose between the delivery options you have activated in the store. 

The location of the pickup options you have enabled in your store will be also visualized on the map, so the customers can select it directly from there. But only if you have connected your store to Google Maps via API Key. 

In the next step, he will choose between the payment options you have activated in your store:

When a customer finishes his order, it will look like this in the admin panel of your store:  

There is information about how this order will be paid, what is the delivery method, in this case, is a local pickup. From the button Local Pickup you can select the store/place from which the order will be taken and press the button Fulfill products.

Show pickup availability on your storefront

The other dimension of this application is to show the product's availability at all of your locations. If you have only one local pickup location, then this location and pickup availability is displayed for that location. 

If you have more than one location, then the pickup availability section displays the locations and pickup options for a certain product on its detailed page.

If there is no quantity of a product in a certain location then that location won't be listed as a pickup option.

You can control and show store availability for each product. Currently, this could be done by XML synchronization or XML Import. There are two applications for that - XML Sync and XML Products Import. In order to use them, you should have an XML file with the product quantity of each store, warehouse, or other type of location you have. In the settings of these apps, there is an option for enabling Local Pickup. In the second step where you have to map the predefined values that come with the application itself with the values that come from your file, it is possible to showcase your product with its quantities based on the physical representative stores. 

In the Local pickup filed from the drop-down menu, you should choose the tag that contains store information. Ex: Store 1, means that these products are available at that location. 

This is a really handy feature when you have multiple stores, warehouses, etc. Thanks to this option your customers will be able to grab their purchases directly from the convenient location that is presented on your online store.  That way you can expand your orders, not only online, but offline as well.