In this section:

The OLX app saves you time and simplifies your work. It gives you access to one of the popular sales channels through which you can reach even more users. Instead of manually uploading products to the popular site with this application, you can upload them directly through your store with just a few clicks. It makes it extremely easy to sync products from CloudCart to OLX and automatically post your adrverts from OLX as products in your store. 

Installation and settings

1. To do this, go to the admin panel of your store,  Applications > All Applications> OLX, and click the Install button.

This app requires payment.

2. In the next step you need to select the country in which you will operate with OLX.

The OLX application works with all countries in which the trading platform is present.

3. Choose at whose expense the shipping cost is- buyer or sender. Your selection will be applied to each ad by default.

4. After saving these settings, go to the OLX site in the appropriate language version in which you will use the platform. Log in with your username and password in your account or, if you don't have one, create one.

After logging in to OLX, go back to the admin panel of your store to аdjust the other settings and give your OLX user account the right to communicate through your CLoudCart store. You can access the application in the Marketing > Sales Channels section.

5. In the Additional settings, enter your names, phone number, and area/city. This information will be visible in your OLX ads.

In addition, you have the following options:

  • status synchronization - if this option is activated, when changing the status of a product in the store, the status of the ad in OLX will also be changed.
  • delete sync - if this option is activated, if you delete a product in your store, if it is uploaded to OLX, then in this case the ad will also be deleted.
  • stock synchronization - if this option is activated, if the availability of a product is depleted, the ad in OLX will be deactivated, and if the quantity becomes above 0, it will be reactivated.
  • use a discounted price - if this option is activated, when you add a discount to a product in the store the discounted price will be added to the ad in OLX.
  • trim titles - ad titles are limited to 70 symbols and if this option is activated, titles will be trimmed if they are longer.

6. In the Configuration section, sync the categories in your store with those from OLX so that you can upload the products you want in the next step.

You need to select a category from OLX that matches a product category from your store.

If the OLX category has a sub category (s), the last level must be selected. For example, if you sell tricycles that are in the Baby & Child category > Toys, but this category has a subcategory "Children's cars, bicycles, tricycles", you must select this subcategory. 

Products cannot be published in a category that has branches (subcategories). The appropriate subcategory must be selected.

Depending on the categories you choose, there are different requirements for some of them. There are those to which it is necessary to assign additional characteristics. Eg. more parameters must be connected to the category Women's shoes. In this case, you will see a red button where you can set them.

In the same way, you connect a category, you can connect different parameters, when there are any - size, color, etc. Then you need to enter the values of these varieties. Eg. variety size has values 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, and so on.

If you can't find the exact definition for some of your categories, that means they don't match the niche of your online business that you set in the General settings when you created your store. In this case, you can go to Settings > General Settings and add another main branch.

Adverts uploaded in OLX through the store

In this section, you can add your products from the Add advert in OLX button.

It is important to know that when you upload products from your OLX store, this window will display all products that have OLX-related categories. Therefore, configuring the categories in the previous step is key to uploading the products. 

You can upload several products at once. There is no limit to the number. But we personally recommend that you upload fewer products at once because that way you have better control over the content.

8. After selecting the products you want to upload and clicking Save, you will be able to see how they look like as an advert on the OLX site by clicking on the photo of the product.

9. You can publish, unpublish, delete an ad or sync prices between the store and OLX by selecting the ad with a tick and selecting the desired action from Tools. An ad becomes active when it is reviewed and approved by an OLX administrator.

10. From the Information you can see how many times your ad has been viewed. This information is obtained after pressing the Sync button.

Download ads from OLX

Once you've linked your store to Olx, all of your OLX ads will automatically appear in this section. To upload an ad as a product in your store you need to select a category to which it will be assigned. If you have already mapped/linked the product category, it is automatically marked, but if you do not have to choose in which category to add the product. In addition, you need to select the status with which this product will be uploaded in your store - Published / Unpublished and click the Add button in the store.

You can only add an OLX product to your store if the product has not been added to OLX through the app. After adding the product to the store, it is automatically moved to the "Adverts uploaded to OLX through the store" section. 

Important! If you don't see your adverts in the "Download ads from OLX" section, turn off your browser's adblockers because they block OLX requests.

If you log out of your account, keep in mind that this will reset all settings - related categories, added adverts. Your ad will remain active on Olx, but will no longer appear as added through the store.

That's all it takes to post your products to another sales channel so you can reach more customers and increase your profit. The OLX platform works through inquiries from users for certain adverts/products, and not with direct purchases, and therefore at the moment sales from OLX do NOT go directly into the store.