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How do I set up free shipping on purchases over a certain amount?

To set up free shipping on purchases over a certain amount, you must add the appropriate setting (Order rate) in the delivery method you use.   

Can I delete a selected shipping method? 

To delete a shipping method, it must be replaced with another method for all existing orders for which this method is selected. You can create a shipping method that is manual and select it for orders that have the method you want to delete. 

When the option for sending a shipment from a courier's office is enabled why the price remains the same as for picking up from the sender's address? 

In order to be reflected correctly in the system, it is necessary to select a specific office from which you intend to send your shipments:  

Can I specify two addresses for picking up a shipment (Econt)? 

It is not possible to pick up a shipment from more than one address from Econt. But you can send the shipment to any Econt office or from any address, regardless of the selected starting point. It is important to observe the condition of whether the shipment is sent from an address or from an office so that there is no difference in price after the recalculation by the courier. 

How do I set up free shipping for specific products? 

To set up free shipping for certain products, you need to create a separate category in which to put the respective products. In the settings of the shipping method you use, specify the created category as an additional price condition.  

What should I do in case of a problem with the courier service connection so that the order can be fulfilled? 

We recommend that you use the Fallback option by entering the delivery values in advance in the settings of the respective couriers you use (Econt / Speedy). Fallback will give a fixed delivery price, which will be taken into account in cases where there is a problem and no connection can be made to the courier system you are using.  

No, with the same Econt data you can use an unlimited number of stores.  

Why do I receive a delivery date of one week for some orders with Econt? 

CloudCart takes care of the proper synchronization between the providers you choose and your store. Delivery time depends on the suppliers themselves. Our system receives a response from ECONT for the delivery date of each shipment and we show it to you. For such type of questions, it is good to contact Econt to find out the reason for the delay in deliveries and get detailed information.  

When I try to log in to the Econt system through the application, I receive an error message. 

Note that the login details for ee.econt and those for third-party integrations are different. Contact Econt for assistance or look for the data in your account at ee. econt.  

Why is there a difference in calculating the delivery price in my two stores (Econt)? 

In order for the shipping price to be the same in your individual stores, you need to make the same settings. Don't forget to choose an Econt office for sending shipments. Otherwise, the system will not calculate the price from Office to Office or from Office to Address correctly.  

I cannot confirm my registration in Econt via the email I received on my CloudCart mail. 

Due to increased security measures, your email account does not allow these types of links. Here's what you can do to turn off this setting: 
1. Go to and log in to your account. 
2. Go to your account  

When setting up the Econt module I get an error - The Payment methods field is mandatory. 

You must activate at least one payment method before setting up a shipping method. Then, in the settings of the Econt module, you must select the appropriate payment method or select all methods if you have more than one in your store.  

Payment methods are set from the control panel, Settings > Payments section.  

How can I use the Postal Money Order service (Econt)? 

You can enable this option from Settings > Shipping > Econt > Inventory.  

Why can't I log in to the Speedy module in my admin panel? 

The username and password you must enter when installing the Speedy application in your store are different from the ones you log in to the Speedy site. You can find them in your contract with Speedy or contact them for assistance in case you do not find them in the contract. 

Why, when I choose one provider, I can't change it with another? 

When a quick order is placed in your store, you enter the delivery address through the control panel in the order edit window. When initially selecting a provider, the customer address you entered is validated by the provider's system (Econt / Speedy), so you get an error when trying to change provider. To change it you need to edit (rewrite) the client's address again, starting with the state. Once you do this, you will be able to create a bill of lading. 

How do I increase the number of automatic notifications for paid waybills? 

The number of included free automatic notifications for paid waybills depends on the subscription plan you have. The Business Plan has 50 synchronizations, the Enterprise Plan 500. You can always purchase an additional number from your admin panel here.  

How do I set up free shipping over a certain amount (Speedy)? 

In the Speedy application, from the section "Type of service to address" (the same applies to "Type of service to office") you can select the option Speedy calculator + free delivery, in which you can define the minimum value of the order for free delivery.  

Why can't I use Econtomat for my shipments? 

If you want to use Econtomat (for sending/receiving shipments) it is necessary to include this service in your agreement with Econt. Otherwise, the system will not allow orders to be placed with these devices.  

My customers receive a message that no delivery method has been found. 

When customers in your store cannot complete their order, due to such a message it is necessary to check the settings of the shipping method you use. Enable the "Cash on delivery" option. If it's not enabled and you only have this form of payment activated in your store, your customers will see this error.  

How do I add an extra country and a relevant delivery method for this country? 

You can create different geographic zones from Settings > Geo Zones > Add New Geo Zone. After creating the desired country (zone) you need to connect it to the appropriate shipping method that will serve this zone. From the Settings > Shipping section, you can create a new shipping method and link it to the region you want.