Unicredit Consumer Financing is a payment method that you can easily activate in your online store and thus give your customers the opportunity to pay for the products they offer on installment. 


1. To activate this method, you need to contact a representative of UniCredit Consumer Financing and sign an agreement. All customers' inquiries for purchasing your products in installments will be sent to an employee of UniCredit to process the application.  

2. Once you have a contract, you need to go to your control panel, in the section Settings > Payments > UniCredit Consumer Financing, and click the Configure button.

3. In the window that opened in the blank fields enter the relevant data:

  • Name of the service
  • Logo - you can change the service's logo by uploading another image from the Select file button.

  • Email - Enter the email address to which your customer inquiries will be sent. The information is available in your agreement with UniCredit Consumer Financing. 
  • Agreement number - Enter the number of your contract with the institution.
  • Price - enter the minimum value of the product in order to be purchased in installments. 
  • Minimum period - You must enter a minimum payout period that your customers will be able to choose when specifying this payment method. The standard minimum is 3 months. 
  • Maximum period - enter the maximum period for which customers will be able to pay for the ordered products.

  • Step interval - You can offer your customers a different step interval. This is the number of repayment months you can offer to your customers. For example, if the step interval is 3, customers will be able to choose whether to pay for a particular product for 3, 6, 9, 12, etc. months. 
  • Percent per month - enter the monthly interest rate as a percentage of how much the purchase will increase on a monthly basis. 
  • Free Installations - here you can specify which months will be offered with free installments if any.  

In the text box describing the payment method, you must enter the text that will be displayed each time your customers successfully complete an order using this payment method. According to your contract with the institution, you can fill in the field with the following sample text: 

Thank you for using the services of ‘Your online store’! Your request to make payment in installments through UniCredit Consumer Financing has been sent successfully. Expect a response within two hours.