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As mentioned in the article How do I manage my store notifications?, We offer the ability to customize the text for each notification that is sent to your customers.

How do I edit email notifications?

1.  Go into your control panel > Marketing > Omnichannel > Email templates
2.  You can log in to any of the automatic notifications and edit the platform-defined text and vision. Use Drag & Drop Builder quickly and easily to change the text, background, colors, and content of all notifications. You can add new sections through the menus on the right and use the Send Example Email functionality to see what this email would look like before saving your changes to your customers.

Variables legend

1.  You can use variables in both types of message text - plain and HTML. Variables allow you to enter any field that can vary in each message sent. The legend of the variables is located just below the text box. Variables help you create notification emails. When you send an email, these variables will be replaced with their true values (example "{$shop\_name}" will be replaced with the real store name.)

2.  The Variable legend you can use vary for the different notifications. You can check them out below each different Email template, example for the Password reset link below:

In detail:

  • "{$logo}" : Logo of your store
  • "{$shop_url}" : Link to your store
  • "{$shop_name}" : The name of your store
  • "{$customer_first_name}" : Customer first name
  • "{$customer_last_name}" : Customer last name
  • "{$customer_email}" : Customer email
  • "{$customer_password}" : Customer password
  • "{$reset_link}" : Customer account reset password link
  • "{$best_sellers}" : Four of the best selling products of your store - includes: product link, product name, product image, price