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In CloudCart you can track inventory in order to avoid selling products that have run out of stock and adjust inventory levels for products. You can easily make bulk changes and maintain products whose stocks are quickly depleted with a single click on the Inventory page. 

Tracking inventory

1. Before you can track and adjust inventory quantity you need to enable a product inventory tracking option for all of your products. To do so, go to the Products section, tap the product that you want to track, and enable the option Track inventory. If the product has variants their quantity will also be tracked. 

2. If you want to activate the option to track the inventory of several products at once, simply select them, and from Tools press "Activate tracking".  

3. Enter the default quantity in the field. This quantity will apply to all your products and variants if there are any. This means that if a product has variants and you have entered 10 pieces in the field, each of the variants will have 10 pieces available.   You can change this quantity later in the Inventory section.

Only products with the "Track inventory" option enabled are displayed in the Inventory section!

Managing Inventory

1. In your admin panel, from the Product section, go to Inventory.
2. Once you've clicked on that section, you will see the listing of all your products. From that page, you can add or set product quantities in bulk.

  • In the first column are all your products. Each variant is exported as a separate product on a separate row so that you can more easily manage the quantities of each.  
  • The second column contains information about what option is set when the product is out of stock - whether to continue the sale or to stop selling the product.  
  • The third and fourth columns contain product SKU and quantity. 

3. Change Quantity - there are two options - adding or substracting product quantities from the add button and the second option is setting directly the value of the quantity from the set button. When you enter the desired quantity of a product hit the save button immediately after that to save the changes. You should do and save changes row by row.

If you want to add a specific product quantity in bulk you can do it by selecting the desired products and from Tools click on Update Quantity. In our case, we have added 5 pieces.

4. Continue selling when sold out - When you are working with constantly restocking products, it is good to make sure that you can offer and continue to sell them, even if you do not have them in stock at the moment, because you are sure that on a certain date they will be available again. 

To continue selling products that are out of stock, select them, and from Tools choose "Continue selling when sold out".

5. Stop selling when sold out - In the same way, by selecting the desired products from Tools, you can turn on the option to stop selling when products are sold out.

Bulk changes with Google sheets

Another way to make bulk changes to your product catalog is by Google sheets application. It allows you to renew a large mass of information in your CloudCart online store. See the article in our Help Center here.